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Product Comparison

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KioWare Lite, KioWare Basic & KioWare Full with server console
Blocking - Popup Window Control, Domain & Page List Blocking, File Download Blocking, Dialog Blocking, Single App Mode
Kiosk Security - Browser Lockdown, OS & Desktop Lockdown, Hardware & Software Watchdog, Keyboard Filtering, Replace Windows Explorer Shell, Automatic Printer Retraction
User Management - Clear Cookies and Cache, Attract Screen Management, Browser Resetting, User Session Management, Integrated Browser Error Handling, Automatically Run Logoff Script
User Interface Features - Custom Navigational Toolbar Skins, Fully Customizable Virtual Keyboard
Kiosk Management - Remote XML Configuration, Citrix Terminal Server Support, Remote Content Updating, Server Side Kiosk Management, Remote Monitoring, Flexible User Accounts, Ad Hoc Grouping of kiosks, Store Custom Data on Kiosks, API to Enable 3rd party add-ons
External Device Support - Barcode Reader Support, Security Mat & Proximity Switch, Multiple Monitor Support (up to 10), TV Tuner, Bill Acceptor & Card Dispenser Support, Phone Dialing through your Application, Chromecast
Reporting - Upload Usage Statistics, Server Side Analytics

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