What our customers have to say about us...

We were able to deploy a simple kiosk just minutes after downloading and installing the software without any issues. Thank’s for making it easy! We will definitely look to Kioware for our next kiosk deployment.

M.D. 8-22-2016

It was exciting to get this ramped up and out into production so quickly … I greatly appreciate all of the help your team provided in getting that out the door so quickly.

G.B. 7-28-2016

The software works great.

B.T. 7-26-2016

The kiosk is a hit and people love it.

K.T. 7-16-2016

Thanks very much, Nick. Terrific support, once again. I've had all of this help for free so far, as I'm still using the evaluation version, but I'm finally installing the system tomorrow and look forward to buying the necessary licenses from you as part of that process. I'm really grateful for the help I've had so far.

I.G. 5-11-2016

I just want to let you know that you designed a great product, and it worked perfectly for us - besides that your support is amazing

J.R. 5-10-2016

I'm testing your Android kiosk app, and it is literally the only app that's working flawlessly on the tablet we purchased.

J.B. 3-26-2016

Everything is working well. I’ve used technical support twice and both times they were very successful in helping.

A.C 3-18-2016

Installation has been seamless and the product is very effective, I would recommend to prospective purchasers as its been installed and forgotten about - because it works.

A.C. 2-26-2016

Thanks for a great product.

N.B. 1-26-2016

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