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Q : How do I install .Net Framework versions for Windows client products
FAQ ID:2144795560

Q : Help, I've forgotten the default password.
FAQ ID:-1040200941

Q : How can I disable USB memory devices?
FAQ ID:-2091192568

Q : Why do I get an error on my page that says, "An error has occurred in the script on this page."?
FAQ ID:1192818366

Q : How do I purchase KioWare?
FAQ ID:-722218522

Q : Flash content only loads once inside KioWare Classic Lite
FAQ ID:2144795532

Q : Where are the statistics usage logs stored?
FAQ ID:-1970814924

Q : Adobe Reader opens a PDF file in a window outside of KioWare.
FAQ ID:1181605925

Q : How do I exit the program?
FAQ ID:-162698673

Q : KioWare Server Console gives the error "Serverlib version ('x.y.z') is not equal to data structure version ('0.0.0')"
FAQ ID:2144795530

Q : How do I license KioWare?
FAQ ID:-377272962

Q : Help, I've forgotten my kiosk password!
FAQ ID:1711434535

Q : How can I configure KioWare to display a virtual keyboard for touchscreen use?
FAQ ID:1094751862

Q : How do I install .Net Framework versions for KioWare Server
FAQ ID:2144795570

Q : The Auto-logon feature does not work when the user account has no password.
FAQ ID:-71606302

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