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Q : How can I configure KioWare to display a virtual keyboard for touchscreen use?

A : KioWare ships with a general purpose HTML virtual keyboard that can be modified as is necessary. The KioWare installed virtual keyboard is located in InstallDir/KioWare/virt_kbd/virtual_keyboard.html.

Or, a completely different HTML popup virtual keyboard can be used. There are only a few design rules to follow if creating a custom virtual keyboard.
  • Current value of INPUT/TEXTAREA element is passed to the virtual keyboard via a querystring variable named: Value. Ex, ?value=123456789
  • The virtual keyboard must write its results to a INPUT/TEXTAREA element named 'Keyboard'.
  • When the virtual keyboard wants to close, it must set an INPUT element (typically hidden) named 'CloseMe' to value 'yes'. This element is checked by KioWare after every mouse click on the virtual keyboard.
Refer to the KioWare User Guide for more details on how to configure KioWare to use a virtual keyboard.

Categories: Advanced, Windows

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