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Q : KioWare Server Console gives the error "Serverlib version ('x.y.z') is not equal to data structure version ('0.0.0')"

A : The most frequent cause of this error is KWS not being able to communicate with the database you have configured in your KioWare Server Settings.
You can double check these settings in KioWare's configuration file.
These instructions specify the default install locations, your install may vary:
1. Open "Computer" or "My Computer"
2. double click on C:
3. double click on kioware_com
4. double click on KioWareServer.ini
5. verify the entries prefixed with "sql_" are correct.
The sql_user and sql_pass are auto-generated by the database creation utility, if you moved the database ensure this logon exists on the new server.
MySQL Notes:
MySQL requires that MyODBC 3.51 be installed since the database communication happens via ODBC.
MySQL needs the host that createdb is running on to have access granted to it.
MS SQL Server Notes:
MSSQL needs to be setup to allow mixed mode authentication. (see screenshot #1)
MSSQL 2005 needs TCP/IP protocol enabled.(see screenshot #2)
MSSQL 2005 needs to allow remote connections if it's running on a different host.(see screenshot #3)
#1 SQL Server Management Studio, right-click on the server and select Properties
[image]Mixed Mode Screenshot
#2 SQL Server Configuration Manager
[image]TCP/IP enabled
#3 SQL Server Surface Area Configuration - Surface Area Configuration for Services and Connections
[image]Enabling Remote Connections

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