API to Enable 3rd party add-ons

Our API feature enables the addition of third party Add-ons. The Add-ons are used to extend KioWare Server functionality, meaning if the feature does not currently exist, anyone can develop the feature to be compatible with KioWare Server. Add-ons can also be used to more tightly integrate the KioWare Server functionality with kiosk application functionality. For example, a survey application could integrate the survey management and the KioWare Server kiosk management functionality into a single user interface. The integration into a common interface would allow for easier management for the kiosk project as a whole. 
An example of an Add-on that can be developed to work with KioWare Server is the Mapping Add-on we released.   The Mapping Add-on enables kiosk locations to be overlaid on a digital map. Through KioWare Server, kiosk managers can choose between a basic map, USGS Aerial or Topo maps, or Google Street, Satellite or Hybrid maps. The Add-on also allows for an overlay on top of the map containing one or all of the following kiosk levels: normal, warning or error. This enables the manager to access individual kiosk detail and quickly drill into the kiosk for more information. 
In addition to the ability to create Add-ons, the KioWare Server API contains everything needed to access KioWare Server data.   This enables third party developers to create a subset of, or fully rewrite the KioWare Server console with a completely different look. This also provides maximum flexibility to application developers acting as kiosk content managers for clients, as it allows for entire new branding to be displayed.