Server Side Statistics Analysis

KioWare has the capability to take usage statistics one step beyond standard web traffic reporting programs. Since KioWare doesn't display information contained in the HTML title tags, we log not only URL data, but also title tag data. This enables the application to be designed so that readable log information is stored. Rather than an incomprehensible URL, a straightforward description of the page can be stored in the title tag.

Furthermore, we enable class information to be stored in the title tag. For example, if you have two pages that are identical except that one is in English and the other in Spanish, the title tags can be created in such a way that when the usage data is uploaded to KioWare Server, it can be displayed either as English usage statistics, Spanish statistics, or the aggregate of both.

KioWare Server is a program that resides on a centralized server and manages the display of the uploaded usage statistics. Usage statistics can be displayed for an individual kiosk, or all the kiosks in a project. They can also be displayed between a defined date range, and also by title tag class information.