Kiosk Management Tools to Manage Your Devices

Managing your kiosks can be time consuming and logistically challenging. Utilize KioWare Kiosk Management solutions to keep track of your kiosk health, deploy content to all or some of your kiosks, and monitor kiosk usage stats.

Kiosk Management consists of two components: the client side kiosk software and the browser-based server console. The client side kiosk software (KioWare Full for Windows or KioWare Full for Android) runs locally on the machine to secure the device, and the server console (KioCloud, KioWare Server, or KioWare Server ASP) is used to interact with and provide reports for the secured devices.

Select a Kiosk Management Option

Self Hosted
KioWare Server
KioWare Server is a self-hosted solution installed within your network environment, configured in conjunction with a SQL Server or MySQL database. KioWare Server provides you with flexible kiosk management options. Available via a perpetual license. Supports one site.
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KioWare Hosted
With KioCloud, we manage the technical kiosk server hosting for you, allowing you to get started quickly and focus on managing your kiosks, not your kiosk server. A subscription is required, offering flexibility of a quarterly or annual billing schedule. Supports one site per subscription.

Take a look at the updated KioWare Server User Interface. Need enterprise level features? KioWare Server ASP is available via a perpetual license. Using multiple subscription accounts, you can also use KioCloud.

Selecting Client Side Kiosk Software

We offer client side kiosk software for both Windows and Android devices. KioWare Full runs locally to secure your devices and interact with the server console. Download a free fully functioning demo:
KioWare for AndroidKioWare Full for Android »
for Android tablets and mobile devices
KioWare for WindowsKioWare Full for Windows »
for desktop PCs and tablets running Windows, runs Chrome

Specific Features of KioWare Kiosk Management

KioWare Kiosk Management offers the following features:

Remote Management

  • Perform file updates by transferring application content, OS updates, and KioWare updates on a device, project, group, or site basis.

  • Issue commands such as device shutdown, reboot, KioWare restart commands, or even custom commands.

Usage Statistics

  • Collect device usage statistics at an interval as often as every 10 minutes, or at the end of every user session.

  • Generate reports that display page usage, session usage, and Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) statistics.

Remote Monitoring

  • Manage the status of devices by receiving heartbeat information (containing roughly 30 performance statistics) as often as every 15 minutes.

  • Receive device event log data containing reports of hardware malfunction and OS information.

User Management

  • Manage the users who can log onto the server console and which portions of the console they have permission to use.

  • Create customized roles.


  • Extend server console functionality through the easy addition of 3rd party Add-ons.

  • For example, place your kiosks on a digital (Google) map and monitor their health visually with KioWare Server's Mapping Add-on.

Device Organization

  • Support one or multiple sites

  • Organize devices into an unlimited number of groups and/or projects.

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