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What do I get with KioWare Browser?

KioWare Browser Software is used to replace your current browser (Internet Explorer) with a locked down browser. It does not lock down the desktop, which allows users access to other applications.

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KioWare Browser - Limits Internet Access

Tell me more about the features
  • Restricts access to browser features such as menus, favorites, history, etc.
  • Custom navigation toolbar skins including an address bar
  • Browser is completely locked down
  • OS and Desktop are completely available to the user
  • Popups can be allowed or blocked
  • Domain list blocking - either white or black list
  • Page list blocking - for a given domain, using either a white or black list
  • User file download can be blocked
  • Remote configuration using XML

When your users need to have access to the OS and Desktop, but they need to have limited browsing, and you want to prevent users from changing browser configuration (a classic example is a corporate training department), then KioWare Browser is the perfect solution.

KioWare Browser becomes the default browser and will be invoked anytime the user tries to view browser based content. KioWare Browser can limit which domains and pages can be viewed and completely locks down the browser. The user views the User Interface, which you design through the Configuration Tool.

Note: KioWare Browser is NOT suitable for self-service kiosk applications, as it does not lock down the OS and Desktop. 

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KioWare Browser [Windows] $50
KioWare Browser Annual Support [Windows] $10