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KioWare Full for Windows

KioWare Full for Windows supports the Chrome browser engine. It provides vital lockdown security for the client side kiosk while the server side console allows you to maintain communication with your kiosks from a central server.

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for Windows

KioWare Full for Windows - Windows Kiosk Software

Tell me more about the features:

The KioWare Full for Windows product has two components: client side kiosk lockdown and a kiosk management server console. The KioWare Full for Windows client features are the same as our KioWare Basic for Windows software, and include:

  • Browser Lockdown with the Chromium Browser Engine
  • Keyboard Control Interface for disabling keyboard keys
  • Domain/page blocking – allow or revoke lists
  • HTML based toolbar, fully customizable HTML design
  • Virtual keyboard
  • Clearing of cookies, history, and print queue at session end
  • Can run the OS as a shell
  • User session management
  • Automatic printer retraction
  • Handles mechanisms to place outgoing phone calls
  • Vidyo® HD Video Conferencing
  • EMV Compliant Chip Device Support
  • Lock users out of accessing the desktop and OS (Windows)
  • Simplified Configuration Options
  • Custom navigational toolbar skins
  • Pop-up management access control list
  • Attract screen generation
  • Remote  configuration
  • Run automatic logoff script
  • Software watchdog
  • File download blocking
  • Multiple monitor support
  • Magstripe Reader Support
  • Application resetting
  • Tabbed Browsing
  • Bill Acceptor/Card Dispenser Support
  • Security Mat Support

KioWare Config Tool

Kiosk Client - the KioWare Full for Windows client runs on the Windows operating system and secures each individual device.  In its simplest form, the easiest way to understand client side KioWare Full is to consider it to be a Chromium browser engine (the same engine used by Google Chrome) that has been modified to provide lockdown (ie, secure browser) and kiosk functions.  The kiosk user views the User Interface, which you lock down through settings determined via the Configuration Tool.

Server Console - the KioWare Server console runs on the Windows OS while the KioCloud Server console can be accessed via any device with an internet browser. The server console allows you to centrally monitor all of the devices running KioWare Full for Windows. Through the server side console you are able to remotely monitor the kiosk health, retrieve kiosk usage reports, collect survey data, and push content out to the kiosks.

Additionally, KioWare Server provides a feature that enables ad hoc grouping, meaning kiosk projects can be sorted into an unlimited number of groups, enabling different content to be pushed out to multiple groups. This allows for easy distribution of various promotions to different stores.

Some of the many Kiosk Management features are:

Remote Monitoring
It is extremely important to remotely monitor your tablet mobile device to determine its current status. The Server Console, installed on your machine running the Windows OS, allows you to monitor multiple Windows devices from a central location. Specifically, it can let you know if your application is still running, if certain components are reporting errors, and the percentage battery life.

GPS Location Reporting
The KioWare client can access your device’s location and it reports that location to the Server through heartbeats.

Statistics Logging
Access your user's statistics, pageviews and behavior with the statistics logging javascript function.

Content Updating
This feature allows you to remotely update content on individual Windows devices from a central server. You schedule a daily time when the tablets should contact KioWare Server, and when there is new content, it is automatically downloaded.

Download the free trial of the KioWare Full for Windows client side software with the 90 day trial of KioWare Server or sign up for a 30 day free trial of KioCloud to determine if KioWare Full for Windows is right for your project. Or do more research by reading our articles, case studies, and white papers in our resources center.

Read more about KioWare Kiosk Management here.

If you require additional device support or would like KioWare Classic Full for Windows, built on the Internet Explorer Browser Engine, you will want to consider our original KioWare product. Or do more research by reading our articles, case studies, and white papers in our resources center.


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