KioWare Full for Windows User Interface

KioWare Full User Interface
After the Kiosk Client software is configured through the Configuration Tool, the User Interface component allows users to interact with your application in a locked-down kiosk mode. The User Interface displays your application full-screen, hiding all Internet Explorer browser controls and menu options. You can either run your application without a toolbar or create a custom toolbar, in the Toolbar Editor, located within the Configuration Tool. The Toolbar Editor allows you to replace the Internet Explorer browser controls with safe and secure navigational buttons, custom links and address bars. 
Additionally, the User Interface provides security by preventing users and other processes from accessing the OS and the desktop, and allows you to customize Internet access with Allow or Revoke lists for individual pages or entire domains. It can also display multiple attract screens when not in use, warn the user that their session is about to end, and reset the application back to the home page, including running an optional logoff script, after a defined period of inactivity. Alternatively, a security mat or proximity switch can be used to initiate and end a user's session.
The User Interface also contains Upload Data functionality, which is responsible for using XML to pass usage log, and survey data to KioWare Server over the Internet using either a phone line or WAN.
The Application Viewer also contains Update Content functionality which is responsible for communicating with KioWare Server to determine whether any content needs to be updated, and then using XML and HTTP to place the downloaded files in their proper location and configuring them as necessary (ex. registering a DLL or importing a registry file).
Finally the User Interface also contains Remote Monitoring functionality, which is responsible for sending heartbeat data, event log data and urgent event data toKioWare Server. Each kiosk can be configured to send a heartbeat at regular intervals to KioWare Server that includes approximately 30 parameters that indicate the kiosk's health. Event log data is also uploaded to KioWare Server during the heartbeat transmission. Finally, KioWare constantly monitors specified devices such as printers, and when urgent events occur (such as low paper), immediate notice is sent to KioWare Server.
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KioWare Full - w/ Server [Windows] $432
KioWare Full Annual Support - w/ Server [Windows] $72

KioWare Full - Server Separate [Windows] $216
KioWare Full Annual Support - Server Separate [Windows] $36

KioWare Server $6,480
KioWare Server Support $1,080