KioWare Basic for Android User Interface

KioWare Basic for Android User Interface

After KioWare is configured through the Configuration Tool, the User Interface component allows users to interact with your application in a locked-down kiosk mode. The User Interface displays your application full-screen, hiding the browser's default controls. The Toolbar Editor allows you to replace the tablet's default browser controls with safe and secure navigational buttons, and custom links.

KioWare can limit the access the browser allows to webpages through allow or revoke lists. It can also be configured to allow access to 3rd party Android apps. However, we recommend only doing so with an app that you have created, as KioWare cannot lock down the access that the app may provide. For instance, if utilizing a 3rd party app that links out to a particular website, KioWare cannot prevent the app from accessing that website. At a minimum, you need to thoroughly test the 3rd party Android app.

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KioWare Basic [Android] $132
KioWare Basic Annual Support [Android] $22