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KioWare Classic Basic for Windows

KioWare Classic Basic for Windows provides vital lockdown security for browser-based applications, restricting users from accessing the OS (Windows) and desktop, and allowing customization to limit Internet access.

Additionally, KioWare Classic Basic provides support for second monitors, external and input devices, and user phone dialing.

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KioWare Classic Basic for Windows - Windows Kiosk Software

Tell me more about the features
  • Lockdown browser, desktop and OS (Windows)
  • Keyboard filtering
  • Domain/page blocking – allow or revoke lists
  • Custom navigational toolbar skins
  • Pop-up window control
  • Virtual keyboard
  • Attract screen generation
  • Clearing of cookies, cache, and print queue at session end
  • Application resetting
  • Can run the OS as a shell
  • Remote XML configuration
  • User session management
  • Run automatic logoff script
  • Automatic printer retraction
  • Hardware/Software watchdog
  • Handles mechanisms to place outgoing phone calls
  • External device support (security mats, proximity switches)
  • Input device support (MSR, barcode readers)
  • Multiple monitor support (up to 10)
  • File download blocking

In its simplest form, the easiest way to understand KioWare is to consider it to be a Microsoft Internet Explorer browser that has been modified to provide lockdown (ie, secure browser) and kiosk functions. KioWare Classic Basic is made up of two components: the User Interface and Configuration Tool.

Download the free 500 hour trial to determine if KioWare Classic Basic for Windows is right for your project. Or do more research by reading our articles, case studies, and white papers in our resources center.

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KioWare Classic Basic [Windows] $135
KioWare Classic Basic Support [Windows] $27