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KioWare Lite for Android

KioWare Lite for Android is kiosk mode software designed to lock down Android devices. The software protects self-service applications by securing the OS, home screen and browser, as well as limiting the Android applications a user can run.

for Android

KioWare Lite for Android - Android Kiosk Software

KioWare Lite for Android Features

Protect the Home Screen/Launcher
It is critical to prevent the user from accessing the Home Screen (the Android equivalent to the Desktop) and App Launcher. KioWare for Android products only allow your specified applications to run, preventing the user from executing, downloading or installing any other applications.

KioWare can also be configured to allow 3rd party Android apps to run. However, we recommend only doing so with an app that you have created, as KioWare cannot lock down the access that the app may provide. For instance, if utilizing a 3rd party app that links out to a particular website, KioWare cannot prevent the app from accessing that website. At a minimum, you need to thoroughly test the 3rd party Android app.

Browser Lockdown
Through allow or revoke lists, KioWare for Android products limit the user to only the domains or pages you choose. In addition, if displaying internet web pages, links such as mailto tags or file downloads can be blocked.  A tabbed browsing setting creates a new tab in browser instead of a standard pop up.  There is also an address bar option for in browser use.  Users can also "trust" an entire page, pulling in relevant content from external sites.

Limit Android Apps
Similarly to how KioWare locks down the browser, it also allows you to control which Androids Apps a user can run.

Browser Resetting
Once the user has finished with the application, all traces of the user’s previous session are removed by automatically clearing cookies and cache and returning to the start page.

Security Audit
This tool flags configuration settings that pose a security risk so you can opt to change them. Some examples of configuration settings that would be flagged are power down enabled and KioWare quickboot disabled.

XML File Updates
This feature automatically downloads a configuration file and periodically checks the file for changes without restarting the device.

Allows for mass installing of your customized KioWare settings, imported from your server or Google Drive, across multiple devices.

Store Config Settings on Google Drive
Once KioWare is configured you can export an XML file of your settings to Google Drive. This file can then be easily imported from Google Drive to another device running KioWare.

Download the free trial to determine if KioWare Lite for Android is right for your project. The trial is unlimited with a trial-mode reminder.

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