Check out our New Software Selector Tool

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

We’ve launched a Software Selector tool to help you figure out which of our products is right for you!

Our Software Selector is shiny and new and just asking to be played with. Go on, you know you want to. Like parents of a newborn babe we are so very proud of its arrival. It’s an interactive solution to our most frequently asked question: Which software is right for me? Sure, we’ve had this guy (our product comparison chart) listed on here for years, but we’re a kiosk software company! We’re knee-deep in interactive solutions all day long; it’s about time we have one for your very first KioWare experience.

So how does this Software Selector thingamajig work? Well, first you check off all of the features that you need for your project. Dynamically, while you’re checking off these boxes, an image of your software magically appears on the right. Simply click the “Get my free trial now” button to download the software or “Learn more” link to go to that product’s page. Yep, just two steps and you’re on your way to KioWare nirvana.

In case you didn’t catch our subtle hints, the Software Selector can be found here. Or you can find out more product information on our equally shiny and new Product Overview page. Enjoy!