Meet Our Interns

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Rathana Pim

Meet Rathana (Ra) & Emily our Software Interns

KioWare's interns have been busy with their summer projects but have taken a moment to share with us a bit of information for our entertainment and edification. 

Rathana Pim (Ra) is a Computer Science Major at York College of Pennsylvania. 

  • Fun facts: He is a plant and anime lover.
  • Benefits of working at KioWare: Fat Friday (Donuts), Awesome people, learning and experiencing various languages and challenges, and last but not least, a daily dose of Taylor Swift

Emily Good

Emily Good is a student at Penn State York, studying Information Science and Technology (specifically software development with a minor in business).

  • Fun facts: She's slightly - that's a lie, majorly - obsessed with anything Disney®.
  • Benefits of working at KioWare: There are dogs everywhere, and occasionally a kitten.  She's learning how to be less angry with css, and she's applying what she learned in school as well as a plethora of new things. 

Welcome to the team Emily & Ra! We are excited to have you here.


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