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KioWare for Windows 8.17 with Chrome 72

Sunday, March 17, 2019

KioWare for Windows 8.17KioWare for Windows Kiosk System Software now supports Facial Recognition via new Omron integration.

KioWare for Windows version 8.17 is now available with support for Chrome 72 & Omron’s Facial Recognition Device. It also now allows for the transferring files from connected phones or tablets to the kiosk.   

Analytical Design Solutions Inc. (ADSI) has released a new version of KioWare for Windows kiosk system software, available in Lite, Basic, & Full.

Chrome 72 Support

Google has released information about a serious security vulnerability (CVE-2019-5786). This version of KioWare for Windows adds support for Chrome 72 (72.0.3626.121), resolving this vulnerability.

Facial Recognition Technology

KioWare Basic & KioWare Full for Windows now support the Omron Facial Recognition Device and Omron Multi-sensor Device. Facial recognition technology can be used to estimate a user’s age, facial expression (such as anger, happiness, neutral, sadness, and surprise), facial identity, gender, and more.  When used with KioWare, the kiosk can serve different content based on predefined characteristics and behaviors. 

This technology can be used with kiosk applications tied to identification databases. Facial technologies can be used to serve individualized content based on a user’s identity, to provide security, or to create a personalized experience for users based on facial characteristics.  

The newly supported Omron Multi-sensor Device stores temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, light intensity, sound noise, acceleration, ETVOC, and other environmental information. This information is particularly useful for outdoor kiosk deployments, water park (indoor or outdoor) deployments, and other non-temperature or humidity-controlled environments.

Device support has also been added for the FEIG Electronic OBID RFID reader, the new STAR Printer API, Practical Automation’s Wide Format Printers, and more.

Version 8.16 of KioWare for Windows (Lite, Basic, & Full) adds support for mobile devices in the drive browser system. This allows users to transfer files to the kiosk directly from their mobile device, rather than requiring the use of a USB drive.

Additional New Features and Improvements (in version 8.16 and newer)

Support added to use website icons for custom links in toolbar

  • Easily use a website favicon in the custom toolbar.

Mouse and Cursor Lockdown Support

  • Ability to lock the mouse cursor to a primary display when using multiple monitors. This allows deployers to limit mouse movements to only the allowed display.

Auto Start Program Control Support

  • Auto start applications can now be set to manipulate the application’s main window, hide KioWare, and hide the desktop cover.

Innova Hardware Support (Basic/Full)

  • The Innova device is a general input-output device that includes functions that can cycle LEDs, monitor environment sensors, and detect vibration. KioWare now offers support for this hardware integration.

Update to Support ChipDNA Version 2.07 (Basic/Full)

  • KioWare has updated to Version 2.07 of ChipDNA. This allows for EMV compliant payment accepting and processor communication using ChipDNA’s latest release.

KioWare kiosk software products lock down your device into a secure interactive kiosk, turning your tablet into a kiosk or purposed device for self-service, digital signage, or mobile device management deployments. Now available for Windows, Android, & Chrome operating systems. 

KioWare for Windows

A license is needed for each deployed kiosk running KioWare for Windows. Quantity pricing is available. Annual support and maintenance is recommended, and current support is required in order to upgrade. View a full description of features for this and other versions of the KioWare product line.

These products are available as a free trial download. Existing clients have the ability to upgrade.

KioWare has been providing OS, desktop, and browser lockdown security for the kiosk and self-service industry since 2003 and Android software since 2012.


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