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KioWare for Windows Version 8.20 Update Released

Thursday, August 22, 2019

KioWare for Windows version 8.20YORK, PENNSYLVANIA -- A new version update of KioWare for Windows has been released. Version 8.20 for Windows is now available with many improvements that work towards the company’s goal of constantly improving user experience.

Addin Events for Content Updating

An update to Addin events for content updating has been implemented, allowing Addins to monitor the state of content updates. This, in-turn, will make KioWare even more versatile for users that require additional flexibility from the program.

Modified Video Player in Guided Setup & Supporting No-ID Smart Cards

Also added is a new “scrub” feature that allows users to utilize fast-forward and rewind buttons as well as a seekbar with videos linked on the video play page of the Guided Setup. In addition, KioWare now supports smart cards that do not have an ID associated with them, providing another layer of flexibility to its operational efficiency.

General Bug Fixes & Addition of Exit Action Warning

These new features, along with various bug fixes and the addition of an exit action warning to make the administration of KioWare even more user-friendly, were released August 22 and are now available for installation. For more information about what features apply to your KioWare products, click here.

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