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Case Study | Kincaid Galleries

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Freezing a moment in time to present it in a way that brings joy. This is one of the underlying mottos of John Kincaid and his company, Kincaid Galleries. Whether you want a print for your office to alleviate daily stressors or a piece that brings joyous aesthetics to your home, Kincaid Galleries can accommodate your need with its vast collection of photographs captured at some of the world’s most exotic destinations.

John Kincaid is an ambitious creator who understands his clientele and what they desire most during the process of purchasing photo prints. This understanding helped Kincaid to conclude that programming a self-service kiosk with the galleries of his work would be an effective way to reach his target audiences in locations where their appetite for art might be at its peak.

Kincaid Galleries

Building on KioWare’s software, Kincaid has set up a 45" floor standing kiosk with a high-definition camera and rear-facing speakers; as well as a studio microphone that allows him to see and hear people anywhere in the gallery as if he was standing there with them in Bora Bora. The kiosk gives tourists a digital preview of his works, showcasing how he captures the beauty of this French Polynesian island, and also allows them to make purchases. This method of kiosk-supported marketing and commerce capitalizes on a retail strategy that relies on low-pressure decision making to allow potential customers the opportunity to think on their own merit about their perceived value of a product or service; the kiosk is a semi-passive method of selling a product to a customer. With no salespeople there to pressure tourists into buying artwork, these potential customers keep a relaxed “vacation” frame of mind, making them more likely to purchase items from the gallery.

If customers need assistance or have questions about items in the virtual gallery, they can contact the artist with one touch of the screen! Kincaid sees high value in allowing his potential customers to interact with him directly when they need guidance. A video call program installed on the kiosk allows customers to have video chats with Kincaid during his normal business hours, adding a layer of online accessibility and interaction when no face-to-face contact is possible.

KioWare prevents end-users from accessing anything on the kiosk other than the application for which it is purposed. This prevents unauthorized actions capable of compromising the integrity of the kiosk and any data stored on it.

Kincaid Galleries of Bora Bora

With its current plan to establish multiple gallery kiosks around the world, Kincaid Galleries is revolutionizing the way art is both appreciated and acquired. Using a “moment of relevance” to build on the emotional connection between tourist and location, Kincaid leads them on a trek from product awareness to making purchases. It can be a highly effective way to reach potential customers with an item when they want it the most, and Kincaid Galleries is masterfully proving this to be true through KioWare-powered kiosks.

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