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An original equipment manufacturer, or OEM, is an organization that makes devices from component parts bought from other organizations. In our case, this generally refers to kiosk manufacturers.

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Acante Solutions logo Acante Solutions

Acante Solutions is a UK kiosk manufacturer, and your trusted partner in cutting-edge self-service technology. With a sterling reputation built on years of innovation and expertise, Acante is the go-to source for bespoke kiosk solutions across various industries. Our commitment to excellence in design, security, and user experience is unparalleled. From interactive touchscreens to multifunctional kiosks, our state-of-the-art products redefine customer engagement and streamline operations. We pride ourselves on crafting tailor-made solutions that elevate your brand and customer interactions. When you choose Acante as your kiosk supplier, you're choosing a partner dedicated to your success through quality, innovation, and unwavering support.

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Connected Technology Solutions logo Connected Technology Solutions

For over 20 years, CTS has built and deployed best-in-class kiosks that last decades. Our value to our growing list of worldwide clients extends far beyond the aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly, and incredibly durable kiosks manufactured in the Midwest, USA.  Our team comprises some of the industry's most knowledgeable people - providing a delightful delivery, setup, & training experience; topped off with industry-leading uptime of 99.999%. At CTS, we serve at the pleasure of our clients, providing only the very best custom kiosks, backed by the best, highest-rated customer experience in the interactive industry.

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Crux Retail  logo Crux Retail
Crux Retail takes pride in being at the forefront of custom retail design. From eye-catching in-store displays to intricate interactive kiosks, we create moments of discovery where potential customers and brand messaging connect. We are the silent engine behind your most engaging shopping experiences. 
Our expertise covers the full spectrum of design and fabrication, using diverse materials to bring your vision to life. With a passionate commitment to excellence, we seek to provide more than just design services; we aim to build a reliable partnership and provide exceptional customer service for your merchandising needs. 
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DCS Global logo DCS Global

DCS Global is a collaboration, consulting, services, and audiovisual (AV) integration company that provides various services related to digital signage, wayfinding, and kiosk manufacturing and deployment. The company specializes in creating interactive and engaging experiences for customers, visitors, and employees. 

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Kiosk Innovations logo Kiosk Innovations

Kiosk Innovations is a hardware-based USA-built kiosk manufacturing company, helping companies launch innovative and unique kiosk projects that not only stand out from their surroundings, but also incorporate ever-changing technological advancements as they are introduced to the industry. With more than 30 years of experience, the Kiosk Innovations team has extensive knowledge of evolving kiosk applications, building everything in-house to ensure tight quality control while keeping costs competitive. Combining first-rate knowledge and field experience with creative vision and passion, Kiosk Innovations strives to provide the very best customer service and top-shelf hardware.

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Olea Kiosks logo Olea Kiosks

Olea Kiosks Inc. has a sleek line up of standard kiosks that are highly customizable to suit any application. As a global supplier of kiosk solutions, the California location services all of the Americas, Australia, and Asia, and the UK location services the European, Middle Eastern, and African markets. Founded in 1975, the Los Angeles headquarters has an in house design team, engineering department, and on site manufacturing facility for companies looking to augment their brand identity.

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Touch Dynamic  logo Touch Dynamic

Touch Dynamic specializes in unique touchscreen technology solutions: all-in-one terminals, self-service kiosks, small form factor PCs, mobile POS tablets, touchscreen monitors, and more. We are an internationally recognized, US-based, on-site ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer, delivering cutting-edge designs since 2001. We're proud to serve a variety of industries: retail, restaurants, gaming, government, healthcare, and more. 

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URway Holdings logo URway Holdings

URway Holdings Provides Consulting & Customer Engagement Solutions for Today's Connected Digital World. Specializing in Self-Service Kiosks, Digital Signage, Digital Wayfinding, Digital Menu Boards, Retail IoT Design and Managed Digital Services.

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