Security Patches

Below are the security patches that we have provided for previous/out-of-date versions of KioWare. If you have up to date support, we strongly recommend updating to the latest version of your KioWare product. These patches are only for those running previous versions of the KioWare product suite. If, however, you do not have up to date support, you can download the relevant patch below to help protect your out-of-date version of KioWare.

KioWare Server

  • Affected versions: v4.9.6 and older
  • Description: We have been made aware of a potential security vulnerability in KioWare Server versions 4.9.6 and older (click here for more details). We strongly recommend either upgrading to KioWare Server version 4.9.9 or installing the provided security patch on your current version of KioWare Server. The patch can be installed on your current server without interrupting normal operation of KioWare Server.
  • Patch Download: CVE-2018-18435_PermFix.exe

KioWare for Windows

  • Affected versions: v8.16 r3083 and older
  • Description: This is a security patch for KioWare for Windows versions 8.x r3016 and older. This patch provides a fix for the system service that KioWare uses to execute tasks in normal operation. If you have already upgraded to a version of KioWare for Windows 8.16 r3084 or newer, then installing this patch is unnecessary. If you need to re-install a legacy version of KioWare for Windows 8.16 r3083 or older in the future, this patch will need to be reapplied.
  • Patch Download: KioWare Service Patch Utility - KWW8-191.exe