Deploying a new version of KioWare for Windows using KioWare Kiosk Management

Deploying a new version of KioWare for Windows using KioWare Kiosk Management

  • Type: Article
  • Author: Laura Boniello Miller
  • Date: March 2019

This guide is written using hosting as the example for images and install steps. View the presentation here.

Updating KioWare for Windows using KioWare Kiosk ManagementThis will work with self-hosted KioWare Server as well, but you will not have the Site File Manager utility and would need to copy the files into your Content Update deployment folders using another method.

1. Log onto your KioWare Server Account.

2. Open the Site File Manager and create a folder for the upgrade (for example: Upgrade_r1913).

3. Upload the KioWare for Windows installer into your newly created folder for this update.

4. Upload the KioWare Update Tool into your newly created folder for this update.

5. If you are supplying an option set of Unattended Install parameters, upload your KioWareSetupParams.txt into this folder as well.

NOTE: if this is not supplied the default is to only supply the Silent=1 Unattended install parameter.

6. Return to Site Management and select the Content Management option.

7. Leave the Select Revision set to Add New Release and click the Select button.

8. Set the Revision Number to something similar to: r1913upg.

9. Set the Features to something similar to: KioWare Upgrade.
**Note: If you need the kiosk(s) to ignore files from any previously created and/or deployed content revisions, the 'Base Revision" checkbox should also be checked on this screen.

10. Click the Apply Changes button.

11. Change to the Files tab and then click the + Add File button.

12. Expand the folder you created in step #2 and check all of the files to send to the kiosk(s).

13. Click the Add Selected Files button.

14. Click on the KioWare_Update_Tool line.

15. Change the File Action to: Execute as System User, then click the Save File button.

16. Click the Apply Changes button.

17. Return to the Site Management, then select the project and kiosk that will be used as a test deployment.

18. Select the Utilities tab of Kiosk Management and select the Kiosk Settings option.

19. Select the Content Revisions tab.

20. Change the Site Release Download to your KioWare Upgrade Content revision.

21. Then click the Save Changes button.

22. On the normal Kiosk Content update interval or when you issue a “Initiate Content Update” System Command the kiosk will run and deploy the update.

Note: Running in KioWare Shell is highly recommended as KioWare for Windows and its System Service are closed while installation is attempted then upon completion or failure the kiosk system is rebooted to restart the System Service and KioWare.

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