Using Kiosks to Decrease Wait Time

  • Type: Article
  • Author: Laura Boniello Miller
  • Date: May 2014
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Decrease Wait Time with Kiosks

When customers wait in line (or a queue), a significant cost to customer satisfaction is incurred.  Perceived value and perceived wait time can directly influence customer satisfaction, ultimately impacting their willingness to revisit that retailer.  Decreasing actual wait time increases satisfaction.  Kiosks can help to decrease both perceived wait time and the actual wait time.  View or download the infographic for other ways to decrease perceived wait time.  Decreasing actual wait time is a slightly more clear process.  Self-service kiosks or additional staffed checkouts are some obvious solutions for decreasing actual wait time. Kiosks can help to decrease perceived wait time by allowing users to better understand what they are waiting for (a kiosk set up to communicate to customers), entertain customers while they wait (a kiosk set up to a digital game, entertaining website or relevant application) and more.   

Kiosks help to decrease lines

KioWare kiosk system software is used with other applications to secure your device and make them easy to deploy and manage without the fear of downtime, privacy violations, and destructive viruses or other malware.  With KioWare, it is inexpensive to convert a tablet or PC to a source of entertainment for your customers or an additional checkout station.  The rewards are increased satisfaction, and the potential to process more transactions without additional staffing.

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