5 Ways Your Human Resources Department Will Benefit From Kiosks

5 Ways Your Human Resources Department Will Benefit From Kiosks

  • Type: Article
  • Author: Laura Boniello Miller
  • Date: October 2014
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1. Provide private, anonymous employee surveys or questionnaires with kiosk software Configure KioWare to access your online employee survey.

Using Windows or Android devices, kiosk software can ensure that your device allows visitors to access only your survey. User responses are cleared from the device, so subsequent visitors to the kiosk are unable to access the answers of previous users. KioWare protects user privacy by clearing the device cache and temporary files, and automatically resetting to your designated start page upon task completion, inactivity, or via specified actions.

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2. Allow exiting employees to fill out exit interviews while protecting your network from malicious or angry former employees

Kiosk software restricts access to unauthorized websites, limits downloads and uploads, and restricts access to the device’s file system and your network, thereby preventing both malicious and inadvertent damage to your device.

3. Allow for Anonymous Watchdogging & Reporting

Because self-service kiosks are not assigned to particular users, the device allows for true anonymity. Kiosk software protects those that want to submit complaints, report crimes, or provide anonymous feedback. Simply create an online submission form and configure KioWare to restrict access to only that page or pages.

4. Print Forms & Documents

Provide your employees with easy and simple access to the forms they need. KioWare can be configured to allow for viewing and printing PDF documents. Retractable printers protect user privacy by “retracting” papers that have been printed once the user session times out or is restarted. The ability to print only the necessary forms (on demand) can also reduce cost and waste.

5. Introduce the Intranet

Human Resources departments often spend thousands of dollars setting up Intranets to allow employees to access private, confidential, and secure company information via the web. Remind employees that Intranets are a valuable and helpful resource by keeping them top of mind. Station kiosks around the office in private spaces such as employee lounges or cafeterias. Lock down the device to only access the intranet, rather than being used by employees to access irrelevant and nonproductive internet sites.

Additional uses for HR include online job applications, benefits management (updates, enrollment, etc), training, and time in/time out recording.  Try a free trial of KioWare for Android or KioWare for Windows.