Opportunities for Retailers to Leverage Kiosk Software

Opportunities for Retailers to Leverage Kiosk Software

  • Type: Article
  • Author: Laura Boniello Miller
  • Date: February 2015
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Retail Uses for Kiosks

The collection of this valuable data is balanced by the need to protect user data and system databases. By using digital tools such as kiosks and tablets, retailers can provide customers with a retail experience that is secure, interactive, and relevant, while ultimately increasing sales and improving customer satisfaction. Kiosk software, like that provided by KioWare, will make that experience simple to deploy, reliable, and secure.

Uses of Interactive Digital Tools in Retail

Kiosks can be used by retail stores to serve the following customer facing functions and applications:
1. Browse retail store websites for inventory available online, or in other store locations, allowing customers to order items that are not currently available in the retail location.
2. Provide visitors with digital signage/kiosks for finding particular items, aisles, or departments.
3. Enable customers to view videos to explain or educate on product usage.
4. Communicate & display pricing or promotion information via easily updated kiosks.
5. Access and print customized offers and coupons based on a customer’s profile, email, or reward number.
6. Conduct customer surveys.
7. Collect valuable customer data/profiles such as email, preferences, mailing address etc.
8. Showcase examples of entire outfits (clothing), recipes (food), rooms (furniture) etc.
9. Assist customers with “showrooming” (price shopping) against other, preselected retailers.
10. Offer customers relevant add-on items based on the area of the store in which they are browsing.
11. Allow customers to fill out an employment application.
12. Play videos of commercials, customer generated content/submissions etc.
13. Enable customers to customize, purchase, and dispense gift cards.
14. Enable customers to enter a sweepstakes or contest for store products or rewards.
15. Allow customers to lookup specific parts and sizes for a particular device or appliance.

KioWare Retail Kiosk Experience

Existing KioWare Retail Clients include retail stores for clothing, electronics, makeup, books, telecom, auto parts, music, groceries, department stores, and hardware. From big box to single location, from public to family owned, KioWare assists retailers in providing a safe and reliable digital customer experience. Kiosk software, such as that offered by KioWare, can assist in providing a strong customer experience while also effectively and securely protecting customer data, user privacy, and maintaining device integrity. The following features provide retailers with the vital tools needed to protect themselves, their devices, and their customers.

KioWare Benefits for Retail Use

Secure an existing application or website with KioWare for Windows or KioWare for Android, or reach out to the KioWare Team for a Custom Development quote. Additional information can be found in the article “Protect from Security Breaches”. If you are interested in how KioWare can implement a solution for your retail business visit www.kioware.com/ customdevelopment.aspx.