Kiosk Software Protects & Secures Healthcare Data & Patient Privacy

Kiosk Software Protects & Secures Healthcare Data & Patient Privacy

  • Type: Article
  • Author: Laura Boniello Miller
  • Date: October 2014
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Purposed devices for healthcare.

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Uses of Kiosks in Healthcare


Kiosks can be used by Healthcare facilities to serve the following functions and applications:
1.  Patient check in/out online (self-service check in/out)
2.  Retrieval of patient information and records by nurses and other healthcare providers
3.  Digital signage/kiosks for wayfinding and interactive mapping for visitors to the facility 
4.  Communicate and display general wellness information for patient/visitor review
5.  Collect and analyze health assessment data via an online assessment application
6.  Patient self service bill paying
7.  Verify and update patient insurance information online
8.  Schedule patient appointments (in a self-service capacity) via a scheduling application
9.  Update patient medical records via a kiosk application
10. Display ads and products on attract screens or secondary monitors in healthcare facilities, waiting rooms, or other patient areas
11. Display patient surgery status similar to a transportation schedule (airplane or train), via digital signage (using patient numbers rather than names)
12. Provide physicians access to patient information via a handheld mobile kiosk
13. Access patient-targeted websites on kiosks to allow patients to become familiar with the organization’s online patient communication portal
14. Configure kiosks to allow patients to fill out user/visitor surveys regarding the patient experience with regard to billing, care, check-in process, wait time, facilities, customer service and more
15. Teleconferencing video consultation with a medical professional.
Existing KioWare healthcare clients include government agencies, hospitals, physician offices, dental offices, insurance companies, medical centers, and research associations.  
Particularly helpful to healthcare clients are features like retractable printing and security mats for session resetting.  These features are available in KioWare Basic for Windows.  
Download a free demo of KioWare Basic for Windows.

Need more help? KioWare has played a role in numerous kiosk projects in healthcare environments. Continue reading: Community Health Partnership Kiosk Project, Community Health Partnership Deploys Health Risk Kiosk, and Waiting Room Kiosks Help Planned Parenthood.