KioWare for Windows: Version 8.5 New Features

KioWare for Windows: Version 8.5 New Features

  • Type: Video
  • Date: May 2016
KioWare shares the latest update to the KioWare for Windows kiosk software for Chrome browsers in this video.
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Windows Kiosk Software v 8.5 Chrome Kiosk

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KioWare Releases New Version of KioWare for Windows, Kiosk Software for the Chrome Browser

Version 8.5 of KioWare for Windows is now available. The latest release of KioWare for Windows adds support for RFID Scanners, Flatbed Scanners, Watchport Devices, and System Battery Monitors, in addition to other improvements and fixes.

Transcription from Video:

We’ve got news! KioWare for Windows version 8.5 is now available! 

The latest release of KioWare for Windows, which runs on the Chromium Browser Engine, adds support for Chrome 49, switching between virtual keyboard languages, several devices, plus new JavaScript functionality, and more.

Version 8.5 of KioWare for Windows is available in models Lite, Basic, and Full.

All three now support Chrome 49.

The latest version adds support for switching between virtual keyboard languages. This is found in the User Interface tab under Keyboard Languages. You can now add multiple languages and drag-and-drop to rearrange the order.

File Transfer Management was updated for this release. Using KioWare Drive Browser, you can specify which drives and directories kiosk users can access for uploads and downloads. The User Interface is also customizable in terms of verbiage and appearance.
New JavaScript functionality has been added. For a full list of function calls, see the Scripting section of the KioWare for Windows User Guide.

Version 8.5 of KioWare Basic for Windows and KioWare Full for Windows also adds device support for a number of customer-requested devices:

  • RFIDeas RFID Scanners
  • TWAIN imaging devices
  • Monitored devices such as the Watchport/H, Watchport/T, and a System Battery monitored device

For a full device list, visit

All KioWare kiosk software products lock down your device into kiosk mode, which secures the overall operating system, home screen and usage of applications.

We recommend updating to KioWare for Windows version 8.5, which is accessible from your user account as long as your Maintenance & Support is current.