KioWare Version History

KioWare Classic Basic for Windows
7.7.0 Dec-2018 Update ChipDNA to version 2.07

ChipDNA EMV compliant Chip and Pin payment processing and device support has been updated to version 2.07.

Various bug and security fixes

Bug fixes and security improvements to improve performance and security.

7.6.0 Dec-2017 Support for injecting custom JavaScript into each browser

Custom JavaScript code can be set to fire at multiple times (i.e. immediately, when document ready, or document ready with no script tag).

Repair preview feature to allow for hiding scrollbars in the browser

Scrollbars can once again be hidden in the browser when pop ups are open.

ScanShell has been updated

ScanShell has been updated to the latest version for scanning driver's licenses.

Update ChipDNA to 2.01

ChipDNA allows for a simple and easy EMV compliant solution for a number of processors and devices. This version adds multiple new devices to the supported devices list.

Schedule custom intervals on secondary monitor URLs

Custom intervals can now be scheduled on secondary monitors, allowing for custom timing on a per-page basis.

Supports stopping video capture manually

KioWare now provides a way to stop a scheduled "video capture" on demand (via JavaScript).

Various bug fixes and performance improvements

Bug fixes and improvements to performance.

7.5.1 Mar-2017 Various Bug Fixes

The addition of tabbed browsing opened a variety of functional bugs which have now been addressed. One bug related to resizing/zoom settings caused a "white screen" issue that has now been resolved.

7.5.0 Oct-2016 Update to ChipDNA 1.14

ChipDNA 1.14 is now supported, adding more EMV Compliant devices for simple EMV payment integration and deployment.

Tabbed Browsing

Tabbed browsing has been added to allow for opening new browser tabs instead of new browser windows when configured to do so.

Bug Fixes

Various bug fixes to improve performance.

7.4.0 Nov-2015 Chip DNA Support (1.8)

ChipDNA supports a variety of different PINpads and communication protocols for those PINpads.

New Branding & Renaming to KioWare Classic for Windows

The product has been renamed to KioWare Classic for Windows and has updated branding to distinguish the product from the new KioWare for Windows.

Touchscreen dropdown responsiveness

A feature has been added to allow responsiveness for touchscreen kiosk interactions.

Ability to set main device volume

Prior to this update, KioWare could only adjust/set WAVE volume. This update now provides KioWare access to adjust/set the main device volume.

Various Bug Fixes

Other bug fixes and improvements to code, configuration settings, & user interface.

Windows 10 Support

KioWare Classic now supports Windows 10.

7.3.0 Oct-2014 Exiting Add In Options

Ability for an add in to enhance KioWare exit options

Changing Printer Tray

Javascript support for changing to a different printer tray

New External Device Support
  • All ChipDNA devices by CreditCall
  • ARCA Envoy based Bill Dispenser
  • CodeCorp CR1000 Barcode Reader
  • Zebra KR203 Printer
  • ScanShell 800R

7.2.1 May-2014 Bug fix

Bug fix for writing to the local stats database as a limited user. Does not affect KioWare Lite or Basic.

7.2.0 May-2014 New Warning Dialog for External Security Devices

When configuring KioWare for use with security devices such as kiosk mats and motion sensors, Version 7.2.0 adds the option to set up a warning dialog prior to ending a user session.

Virtual keyboard support for HTML5

Addition of Virtual Keyboard Support for HTML5 input types; includes the ability to include "search" and any other valid input types (date, symbols, etc.) into browser forms.

Dynamic display resizing

Dynamic resizing when screen resolution changes

Virtual keyboard improvements

Redesigned virtual keyboard that docks rather than obfuscates the entry form/screen

Custom Key Blocking

Option for Custom Keyboard Key Blocking

Enable Hardware Graphics Acceleration

Enabling the Hardware Graphics Acceleration in the browser increases speed of graphic intensive displays via use of the video card.

Utilize Microsoft compatibility list

Reference Microsoft compatibility list to determine optimal web browser version for website display.

Windows 8/8.1 Improvement
  • Fix Blocking CD-ROM in Windows 8/8.1
  • Disable "Edge Gestures" on Windows 8

7.1.0 Dec-2013 IE 11 Support

KioWare now supports Internet Explorer (IE) 11

KioWare License Server

KioWare now supports KioWare License Server, enabling deployers to distribute, track and ban licenses on devices

Add-On Programmatic Support Add-On Programmatic Support for:
  • Manipulating Toolbar Controls
  • Manipulating Exit Behavior
  • "View Source" and "JavaScript Console"

New Requirements
  • .NET 4.0 now required (client only)
  • Support for Windows 8.1
  • Support for Windows Server 2012 R2

New Device Support
  • FEIG USB RFID Reader
  • Zebra ZXP additional functionality
  • Additional support for encrypted Magtek MSR devices
  • Additional support for 2D Barcodes with symbol scanners

7.0.0 Dec-2012 Improved Domain/Page Blocking

Local content can cause matching issues because of inconsistencies in how Windows formats the path. KioWare can now automatically normalize all paths to one standard format.

Windows 8 Support

KioWare now supports Windows 8 running on x86-based processors. Support for Internet Explorer (IE) 10 has also been added.

New Toolbar Functionality
  • A new Toolbar control displays whether a SSL connection is active
  • Ability to disable toolbar tooltips

Dialog Blocking
  • Option to log dialog blocking
  • Blocked dialog timer is now configurable to allow the dialog blocking check to occur more or less often than the current default value.

Virtual Keyboard
  • Option to always use the KioWare Generic Keyboard
  • Option to show Close box on virtual keyboard

Additional Scripting Functions
  • Overloads to .NET Navigate call to support sending post data and additional headers
  • New KioClearPrintQueue Javascript function
  • New GetMainURL .NET Callback
  • New SIP DTMF .Net Callback
  • New HTML attribute for setting Virtual Keyboard title
  • New .NET ACL event to allow Addins to override KioWare Access Control Lists
  • New KioIsUrlBlocked Javascript callback to test if a URL would be blocked
  • New volume control Javascript callbacks
  • New .NET and Javascript callbacks to show and hide the KioWare Generic Keyboard

Unattended Installation

New substitution variables were added to read environment and registry.

Enable Frame Navigation Checkbox Bug Fix

In KioWare Version 6.8, a bug in the Enable Frame Navigation checkbox in the Error Handling dialog box was introduced. Specifically, it reversed the behavior of the checkbox which determined whether KioWare would perform error redirection at the frame level. Now behavior matches the checkbox state. Contact our Technical Support for more information.

Video Capture Preview

KioWare can now display a webcam preview window.

Added External Device Support
  • Stimare STIMA-OEM RFID Printer
  • Feig Obid Classic Pro RFID Reader - added Mifare support
  • Zebra ZXP Series 8 Printer
  • Hypercom Artema Controller B2 Lan Chip & Pin Device
  • EMP 800 Series coin acceptor
  • Generic .Net Security Device

6.8.0 Feb-2012 Improved Licensing

Our newly improved licensing significantly reduces licensing issues caused by wireless LANs and virtual network adapters.

Shorter License Banner

The license banner that appears during startup has been shortened to 10 seconds.

KioWare Shell Setup

An existing feature within KioWare is that our software can replace the default Explorer OS Shell. By doing so, your application will boot and run much faster, and your computer will be much more secure because the standard Windows desktop can never be displayed to the user. We have changed configuration settings to make this option easier to select, as KioWare is not secure on PCs running Win 7 unless you have configured this feature.

New Device Support
New Device Support Input Devices:
  • SCM Micro SDI-011 Smart Card Reader
Output Devices
  • Boca Lemur RFID Printer
  • Hengstler CP-56 Printer
  • Generic Raw Windows Printer
  • Futurelogic Eclipse Printer
  • Zebra Technologies Printer

Generic Monitored Device Support

Automatic monitoring support has been added to any KioWare input/output device that supports monitoring.

Configurable SIP Audio Codecs

Within the Configuration Tool, you are now able to specify individual SIP audio codecs.

Corrupt Usage Stats Data Fixed

A bug in Windows that caused an occasional corruption in usage stats has been fixed.

6.7.0 Apr-2011 IE 9 Support

Microsoft Internet Explorer version 9 has been tested and confirmed as a supported browser with KioWare

Customizable HTML Phone Dialer Keypad

Similar to KioWare's virtual keyboard, the phone dialer keypad is now HTML that can be customized as necessary for your application.

New Device Support
·         New device support for:
·                     CashCode Cash Acceptor
·                     Vendapin Card Dispenser
·                     Puloon ECDM Cash Dispenser
·                     Magtek MagneSafe encrypted MSR
·                     Magtek Check Reader
·                     LG CDM1000 Bill Dispenser

New VOIP Scripting Commands

New scripting commands that provide the ability to dial VOIP telephone calls.

6.6 Apr-2010 Browser Emulation Mode
Also known as compatibility mode in Internet Explorer 8, our feature allows you to configure pages to run content in IE 8 or IE 7. IE 8 added the ability to render pages with strict standards compliance. This makes some web pages display improperly, so they also provided the ability to toggle modes.
·         Internet Explorer 7: Renders pages just like IE 7.
·         Internet Explorer 8: Renders pages like IE 7 unless the page claims to support IE 8.
·         Internet Explorer 8 - Forced: Renders pages in IE 8 (strict compliance) mode.

Ability to block the AltGr keyboard key
On foreign keyboards, the AltGr acts like the Alt key which can allow access to start menus, run keys, and other system shortcuts.

Windows 7 Win keyboard key ability to block
When Windows 7 was released, the filters changed on how to block the Win keyboard key. The latest version of KioWare can block the key.

New Device Support
·         New input device support for:
·                     Technik l70-ID600iA(9) Card Dispenser
·                      MEI SCL6607R and AE2600 Bill Acceptor
·                      Omron V4KF MSR
·                     QK11/12 Denso 2D Barcode Reader
·         New monitored device support for:
o                    NII NP-3512D ticket printer

6.5.0 Aug-2009 New Input Device Support

ScanShell Driver License Support

IDTech Spectrum 3 HID

KMY proximity sensor

Internet Explorer 8.0 support

IE 8 has been tested and confirmed as a supported browser with KioWare products Version 6.5.0.

Protocol Access List

This feature allows you to enable or disable specified protocols. For example, many kiosk applications require only the http:// and https:// protocol. You can now enable only these, blocking all other protocols and potential entry points to applications that do not use the http:// and http:// protocols. An example of protocol that is not necessary to the kiosk application and that you may want to block would be MMS://, Windows Media Player.

Time Limited Sessions

This feature forces the session to end after a specified time.

6.4.0 Oct-2008 Additional memory leak detection

KioWare proactively measures the amount of memory being used and now reboots KioWare after the memory reaches a certain threshold of use. Provides additional layer of protection to KioWare's software watchdog

Schedule monitor on/off

The monitor power can now be scheduled to turn on or off by the time of day and day of week.

Virtual Keyboard for all formats

The Virtual Keyboard feature now supports field completion in all formats, including Adobe PDF and Flash forms. When a user touches or clicks on the field, the Virtual Keyboard will pop up.

PNG graphic support in toolbar

PNG files can now be displayed as custom graphics in the user interface toolbar.

Credit card parsing

Immediately parses mag stripe data and fills in your form with no extra programming required.

6.3.0 Apr-2008 Security Audit

Security checks can now be run on KioWare configuration settings based on kiosk best practices standards. Settings that are not in conformance with these standards are highlighted and can be changed to meet the standards.

Transparent Virtual Keyboards
Applications that require a pop-up virtual keyboard now have the ability to modify it’s opacity. 

Default Volume Controls
The ability to set a default volume setting when a user session ends has been added. Volume Up and Volume Down buttons can also be added to the User Interface Toolbar.

Limiting Print Pages Per Session
The total number of print jobs a user can print during a single session can now be limited.

Integrated KioWare Restart/Reboot/Shutdown Scheduling

Administrators can schedule a daily KioWare restart, kiosk reboot or kiosk shutdown.

Additional Cache Clearing Options

Administrators have the ability to choose from additional items when clearing cache at user session end. Specifically, the options to only clear HTTPS data or only keep media files are available.

Addition of Kiosk Name String Constant to StartPage URL

Useful for server side scripting, the ability to have Kiosk Name added to the query string of the StartPage URL has been added.

Support for Webcams
KioWare Basic now supports all Web Cameras that adhere to the WIA (Windows Imaging Architecture) standard.

Additional Second Monitor Support (up to 10)
Support for up to ten (10) monitors in addition to the primary monitor has been added.

Integrated Voip Support
By either using toolbar dial buttons, a numeric keypad, or embedded scripting, KioWare can dial a telephone number using VOIP.

6.2.0 Nov-2007 Custom Domain/Page Blocking Dialog

The message that is displayed when a domain or page is blocked can either be a KioWare generated dialog box, or to enable better integration with your application it can be a custom HTML page

Storm EZ Access Keypad Support

KioWare maps browser navigation commands to the Storm EZ Access keypad. Includes linking an error URL to the Help button

Additional Hardware Support

SNAPI barcode scanners
HID MSR readers
OPOS MSR readers (IBM Anyplace)

Custom 3rd Party .NET DLLs

Custom KioWare features and enhanced integration with your application are now easy to accomplish because KioWare now integrates with 3rd party DLLs.

6.1.0 Apr-2007 Windows Vista Support

Support for Windows Vista OS, specifically a new keyboard filter that blocks CTRL+ALT+DEL

6.0.0 Jan-2007 WSIWYG Toolbar Editor

WSIWYG Toolbar editor that supports:

  • Multiple toolbars that can be located at the top, bottom, left or right of the screen
  • Complete control over the toolbar background color including the use of background images
  • Support for toolbar labels and embedded graphics (ex, logos)
  • Complete control over the number, size and look of toolbar buttons
  • Ability to determine which pages display which toolbars

5.0.6 Nov-2005 KioWare Shell

You can now easily switch the computer to use KioWare instead of Windows Explorer as the OS shell. Running KioWare as the shell significantly improves the performance of the kiosk and also increases security.

End Session Modification

Previously, to take advantage of KioWare’s ability to clear cache, cookies and retract printer paper upon session end, a session end URL needed to be defined. Session end URL is used to define a script that KioWare will run on session end. Now, the session end URL is completely independent of clearing cache, cookies or retracting of printer paper, so there is no reason to have to enter a session end URL when all you really want is to clear cooking, cache or retract printer paper. In addition, there is an option to clear the print queue upon session end.

Attract Screen Modification

Previously, an attract screen was required to initiate session end and application reset. Now, attract screens are optional and if no attract screen is present then KioWare will return to the start page URL.

Toolbar Visibility

KioWare can now control on which pages to display the toolbar.

Multiple Settings Mode

For thin client applications where individual PCs require different KioWare configurations, multiple configurations can be saved and accessed by KioWare via a command line argument.

Shutdown Mode

For thin client applications where individual PCs require different KioWare configurations, multiple configurations can be saved and accessed by KioWare via a command line argument.

Dialog Box Timeout Option

KioWare can now automatically close down any KioWare dialog box after a specified user inactivity delay.

Additional Scripting

Scripting support has been extended to include the ability to programmatically log off. This is equivalent to clicking the log off button in the KioWare toolbar. Also, second monitor display times can be programmatically modified.

5.0.5 Aug-2005 Input Device Domain/Page Blocking

For applications which use KioWare to pass data read from input devices (barcode scanner, MSR, etc), KioWare can now limit the reading of data to a select set of domains and pages.

Toolbar Refresh Button

The KioWare Toolbar now supports a refresh button.

Enhanced Security

KioWare now provides the following security features:KioWare now provides the following security features: 


Hardware watchdog support 

Software watchdog support 

Centralized window/device disabling and lockdown control 

Optional blocking of common dialog boxes


Currently, there are two KioWare functions that can be accessed through scripting within your application: initiating KioWare Toolbar printing and setting the second monitor URL.

Scripting Domain/Page Blocking

For applications which use KioWare’s scripting feature, KioWare can now limit the execution of scripting functions to a select set of domains and pages.

Input Device Domain/Page Blocking

For applications which use KioWare to pass data read from input devices (barcode scanner, MSR, etc), KioWare can now limit the reading of data to a select set of domains and pages.

5.0.4 May-2005 Embedded Print Button Blocking

The ability to block javascript print buttons embedded within an application. Particularly useful for existing Internet applications that are displayed on a kiosk without printer capability. KioWare can block embedded javascript print buttons within the application.

Toolbar enhancement

In our continuing effort to extend the functionality of our toolbar capability, KioWare now supports the display of descriptive text below each toolbar button.

Custom Busy Indicator

You can now create your own custom busy indicator of up to 64 frames complexity.

Proximity Card Reader Support

KioWare can now read data from RF Ideas PC Prox devices - perfect for HR application's user authentication.

5.0.3 Feb-2005 Toolbar Scroll Buttons

KioWare now has optional vertical and horizontal scroll buttons on the toolbar. As with all buttons in the toolbar, the default button graphic can be replaced with a custom graphic tailored to your application.

Toolbar Custom Link Buttons

KioWare now has up to ten (10) optional custom link buttons on the toolbar. The link buttons act as URL redirector buttons and can be used to link to any content that can be displayed in the browser.

Timeout/Warning Dialog Box Formatting

The font name, style, size and color and background color can now be set for the Timeout/Warning dialog box that displays when a user’s session is about to be reset.

Virtual Keyboard

KioWare now supports an optional HTML virtual keyboard. KioWare ships with a general purpose virtual keyboard already installed, but it can be easily replaced with a custom virtual keyboard. Refer to KioWare Design Guide for details.

5.0.2 Dec-2004 User Session End Printer Retraction

Rather than rely on the printer retracting a user's unretrieved printout after a time delay (or not retracting at all), KioWare can instantly retract the unretrieved printout when a user's session ends (usually via security mat or proximity switch).

Custom Page Timeout Delays

Some pages might require more viewing time for a user than other pages. A good example is a page displaying a long video. While the video is playing, the user typically does not interact with the kiosk, so the timeout timer is counting and may end the user’s session before the video is finished. With custom page timeout delays, a page can have an individual timeout delay that overrides the default timeout delay.

5.0.0 Sep-2004 Second Monitor Digital Signage Support

For those kiosks that need to have a second monitor displaying digital signage, KioWare now has the capability to display an unlimited number of html pages on a second monitor that are displayed in a sequential fashion. The second monitor does not allow user interaction.

Phone Dialing Custom Dialogs

Dialog boxes that are displayed during the course of dialing such as the Handset Pickup message, Dialer Success message and Dialer Error message are now editable so that a custom message can be displayed.

Address Bar

KioWare can optionally display a URL address bar in the taskbar that enables a user to enter any http or https URL. Address is checked against existing domain/page restrictions before navigation occurs.

Browser Cache Clearing

When an End Session URL is enabled, KioWare can now optionally clear out Internet Explorer’s cache, thus effectively removing any private data of the prior user

Configuration Tool / XML Configuration Tool Merge

Previously, the Configuration Tool and XML Configuration Tool were two separate programs, now the Configuration Tool can read from either the KioWare Settings or from an XML file, and the Configuration Tool can save your changes to either KioWare Settings or to an XML file.

Embedded Phone Dialing

Previously, KioWare required phone numbers to be defined ahead of time and associated with a page’s HTML Title Tag. This worked fine for applications with a finite number of static phone numbers to dial; however, for applications that need to have thousands of phone numbers or need to look up the current phone number in a database, KioWare now has a second method: embedded phone dialing. With embedded phone dialing, a special HTML tag unique to KioWare is embedded in any page that requires a phone number to be dialed. The tag contains all the information KioWare requires to dial the phone number, and the tag can be generated on the fly as your application requires.

File Download Blocking

KioWare can now prevent a user from downloading a file that Internet Explorer doesn’t know how to display, thus preventing the File Save or Open dialog box from displaying.

4.3.9 Jul-2004 Toolbar Skins

The optional toolbar that displays at the top of the screen that can contain navigation, print and logout buttons as well as the busy indicator can now be configured to be any color you choose. Furthermore, the buttons images are now user replaceable so that you can customize the toolbar to fit seamlessly with the design style of your application.

Unattended Installation

For projects with many units to be deployed, the KioWare installer now has the ability to install KioWare, run an XML configuration file, and automatically license KioWare over the Internet all without user intervention.

Scanning Devices

For applications requiring the input of scanned barcode data, KioWare has a very simple means of processing scanned data that doesn’t require sophisticated programming.

4.3.8 Jun-2004 Error Handling

A URL can be specified for KioWare to redirect to whenever a web server error is reported. Furthermore, there is the option to pass, as a URL querystring, the error number and filename upon which your error handler script can act.

Mailto Tag Lockdown

HTML Mailto tags can now be explicitly locked out. Previously, you had to add Mailto: into the domain blocking list. There is also the ability to individually prevent right mouse click context menu activation in ActiveX controls, although for this release only Flash is supported. Additional ActiveX controls will be added as necessary.

Attract Screens

Each attract screen can now have its own display period, so that, for example, if a rich content page requires longer to read, its display time can be increased. Also currently, there is only one entry point into the web application, and it is defined by the Start Page URL parameter. This release allows each attract screen to be defined as an entry point into the web application. This feature is useful for advertising kiosks - each ad (attract screen) goes to its own set of pages. Also useful for advertising kiosks, there is the option to have the attract screen start off from where it left off. Previously, each time attract screen mode was entered the first attract screen automatically loaded which skewed ad display counts.

Security Devices

The IO Networks Watchport™ proximity switch is now a supported security device. Security devices are used to determine a user’s presence and consequently start or stop the user session.

XML Configuration Scheduling

KioWare has the capability to reload its XML configuration file effectively reconfiguring itself on the fly. This means KioWare can download a new XML file on whatever schedule you require (ex., hourly, daily, weekly, etc) and reconfigure itself. This is particularly useful for advertising applications where the advertisements regularly change.

User Session Management

Often times, it is best to warn a user that they have been idle too long and are about to be reset into attract screen mode. In these cases, KioWare can display a warning dialog box a defined number of seconds before reset (ex, 15 seconds), as well as optionally beep every second for the last defined number of seconds before reset (ex, 3 seconds).

Security Devices

The IO Networks Watchport™ proximity switch is now a supported security device. Security devices are used to determine a user’s presence and consequently start or stop the user session.

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