KioWare Classic for Windows
Secure your PC or tablet to permitted
websites & browser-based applications.
KioWare Classic for Windows is built on the IE browser engine and supports a plethora of external devices.

KioWare Classic for Windows is available in Lite, Basic & Full, providing client side security products to lockdown your Windows Operating System and secure your device. All KioWare for Windows products provide a secure self service solution, locking down the Windows Operating System and limiting access to only the cloud based applications & websites permitted. KioWare Classic for Windows secures your website using the Internet Explorer browser engine.

KioWare Classic Lite »

KioWare Classic Lite for Windows features:

  • Internet Explorer Browser Engine
  • Restricts Browser Access
  • Controls Pop-up windows
  • Keyboard Filtering
  • Clears User Data
  • Custom Toolbar & Attract Screen
  • File Download Blocking
  • Virtual Keyboard
  • Clearing of Cookies, Cache & Print Queue at Session End
KioWare Classic Basic »

KioWare Classic Basic for Windows features:

  • All KioWare Classic Lite features
  • Multiple Monitor Support
  • External Device Support (Security Mats, Proximity Switches)
  • Input Device Support (MSR, Barcode Readers, Cash/Coin Acceptors)
  • Output Device Support (RFID Tag, Magstripe Card, Cash Dispensers)
KioWare Classic Full »

KioWare Classic Full for Windows features:

  • All KioWare Classic Lite features
  • All KioWare Classic Basic features
  • Kiosk Management Tools via KioWare Server (Device Organization, Content Management, Remote Monitoring, Device Usage Statistics, Reporting)

The KioWare Classic for Windows Lite, Basic, & Full products offer browser lockdown and security, with external device support added to the Basic and Full options. KioWare Full also offers a device management component, including kiosk health and usage statistics via a self hosted or KioWare hosted management console.

KioWare protects user privacy, restricts user access, and controls user activity while providing customizable content, branding, and graphics. It scales for large deployments, and is easily updated.