Product Features

Browser Lockdown

Prevent users from accessing any Internet Explorer menus.

Keyboard Filtering

Configure to block keys and keystrokes (like CTRL+ALT+DEL).

Multiple Monitor support

Display scriptable content on secondary monitors (up to 10).

Pop-up Window Control

Block or control how many pop-up windows can be displayed.

Server Side Kiosk Stats

View usage charts and data for statistical analysis.

Custom Toolbar Skins

Use our tools to create your own customizable navigational toolbar.

Remote Monitoring

Monitor your kiosk health through heartbeats and alerts.

Virtual Keyboard

Have our virtual keyboard pop up when users touch a data entry field.

Application Resetting

Reset your application to the home page after a specified period of inactivity.

External Device Support

We support security mats, prox switches, mag stripe readers, barcode scanners and more!

Latest News

RBTE "From Site to Store" presentation resources.

First seen at the Retail Business Technology Expo, KioWare presents "From Site to Store".

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What Our Customers Say

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All is going well. KioWare is exceeding all of our needs and it’s great to source a product that does just that.

P. D. : 1/26/2014

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KioWare ki•o•ware \'kee-oh-ware\ noun

1Derived from the root words: kiosk and software
2Kiosk software that locks down browser based or web applications, acting as a kiosk browser