KioWare - Kiosk System Software - Annual Maintenance & Support

What does annual support provide?
  • KioWare Software Upgrades and Updates.  Multiple times a year, KioWare is updated with new features and improvements.  Support provides you unlimited access to those updates.
  • Technical Support and Troubleshooting.  Configuration assistance, deployment support, licensing updates and more. Access to developers for advanced technical assistance. 
  • Expedited Phone Support. 8-5 Eastern time Monday through Friday, telephone support for licensing, technical issues & more.
  • User Forum Access.  Ask questions, reach out for assistance, and access add-ons or beta versions of KioWare software.

Support is an annual fee (20% of your license cost). Support is optional, but at some point you will want or need to update the software. In order to do so, your support will need to be paid up to the current date in time. This means that if support has not been purchased and renewed every year, you will need to pay back those years.
Our research and development team works tirelessly all year every year in order to keep KioWare up to date. Once you update the software, you are able to access all of those updates, whether or not your support had been current at the time the update was released.
We charge support and maintenance as an annual fee so that you can budget annually for the cost of the updates as well as technical support, and receive those services whenever you need them. 
How Do I Renew Support?
An email reminder will be sent to the email address of the person that originally purchased the software, every year on the support anniversary date (the date of your first purchase). The email will contain a link to review your pricing and transactions, and to purchase your support renewal. If you do not receive an email reminder, please contact our Sales Staff
If you purchase more than once, all additional transactions will be prorated back to the date of first purchase. This way, no matter how many transactions you have, you will only be charged a single support renewal fee once a year.

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