What our customers have to say about us...

Thanks so much for the fast and extremely helpful support!

R.C 11-16-2021

I'm a KioWare customer, and I'd like to tell you that our team is very happy with the product. It's really worth its price.

F.J. 10-27-2021

Thanks for the quick response! And you’ve cracked it! Looks like one of our payment forms is type=tel when it shouldn’t be, so you’ve uncovered an error on our side.

J.F. 9-29-2021

Greetings from Germany and thanks for your help. Worked like a charm.

D.S. 9-16-2021

Thank you both for the feedback and support!

R.V. 8-06-2021

I appreciate your assistance. You have an excellent support team. It's not often we have to reach out to KioWare Support, but every time we do, I'm impressed with your professionalism, patience, and responsiveness.

A.G. 7-16-2021

You were great today! Thanks for all of your help. Thanks for all of your help.

J.D. 7-06-2021

You saved me a ton of time, so thanks for going above and beyond to help a poor addled client. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

R.L. 6-28-2021

Thank you very much for your assistance.

S.L. 6-09-2021

Many thanks for your support, I was able to implement the needed card reader communication, great support - many thanks.

M.Z. 5-07-2021

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