What our customers have to say about us...

It is working flawlessly.

A.M. 10-11-2017

Your software really helped us a lot, so thank you very much for it.

A.K 9-14-2017

My dealings with KioWare have been nothing but positive and thanks to the combined efforts of both of our teams, the rollout of Kioware on our tablets has been a stellar success.

J.D. 9-12-2017

We are quite pleased with KioWare.

T.B. 8-31-2017

I actually was going to use another Kiosk software, but it was giving us fits the morning of a grand opening, so I downloaded yours quickly and it works ten times better.

J.W. 8-22-2017

Thank you so much - it is not often that a Vendor supports its customers in this way, and from a technical support point of view I can only say: superb…

G.R. 7-11-2017

Again, thank you so much for the support.. I’m not used to this level of support from a company

R.K. 7-10-2017

we are very happy with your software as it solved a lot of problems.

A.B. 4-17-2017

Whenever I had a question I called into support and they were very helpful.

E.D. 3-27-2017

We already sold Kioware to one of our clients and they are loving it as much as us. Your support during that process was phenomenal.

D.K. 3-16-2017

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