What our customers have to say about us...

Excellent product.

I.S. 4-14-2018

Great stuff! Thanks for your lightning fast support and helping me out here

D.K. 4-13-2018

I was searching for a kiosk mode since a long time and your software does exactly what I wanted.

J.S. 4-12-2018

The project is coming along nicely, many people have complemented how nice the set up looks

C.S. 4-12-2018

Let me begin by saying that if most software packages came with the concise documentation that Kioware has, then my job would be loads easier. Kioware works exactly like I knew it would. I used the test version prior to having a license purchased for the department.

G.B. 4-04-2018

By the way, we´re having great results with KioWare, thanks again.

B.P. 3-14-2018

The software is working great and our clients are not having any issues using it.

P.C. 3-08-2018

Your software is functioning perfectly. Very easy to setup. The best program I’ve tested for our project.

R.J. 2-21-2018

The support we have been given by KioWare – both technical and commercial – has been great and much appreciated.

M.P. 2-20-2018

KioWare performed exactly as described and we had zero problems with it. Your online knowledge base helped a lot with the initial installation and configuration.

A.E 12-07-2017

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