The following is a list of sample code for which our clients have asked. Feel free to use this as necessary with your KioWare project. 
Simple Scrolling Marquee
Imitate a scrolling marquee (windows screen saver)

Force IE into Non-Standards Compliance Mode
A solution to disable border/scrollbars.

No Scrollbars in Standard Compliant Browsers
Disable scrollbars with strict and non-strict DOCTYPE.

Remove Body Margins
Removing the body margins on a page is helpful if you want to display an image full screen.

Substitution Variables
KioWare now supports substitution variables.

IsKioWare JavaScript Function
How to determine if KioWare is rendering your page content

Custom Error Page
When an error occurs in KioWare, it is a good idea to have your own error page that will display the error, rather than letting the IE error page show.

Test Example
This is a test example