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Q : Does KioWare for Android work on the Amazon Fire?

A : KioWare for Android is designed to secure devices running an Android operating system. Android Fire tablets run Amazon's Fire OS - based on Google's Android, but without Google's apps or services. As defined by the FireOS Wikipedia, "As Fire OS is intentionally designed to be incompatible with Google's official Android compatibility standards, Fire OS devices do not include Google's proprietary software or use the Android trademarks." What this means for KioWare for Android: The Amazon Fire runs a lot of Android code and therefore KioWare for Android does, in fact, “work” to secure the Amazon Fire line of devices. It should be noted, however, that KioWare for Android is not built for the Amazon Fire, nor is it extensively tested in Amazon Fire deployment scenarios. One of the best ways to secure a device with KioWare is to enable Start on Boot. Doing so will prevent the users from seeing the Android Home Screen between the time when the tablet is powered on and when KioWare launches. This feature works best when the launcher is switched from Google’s default to KioWare. Amazon has removed this capability from their Fire OS. If you "Enable Device Administrator" it sets KioWare to run on top of the Operating System's Lockscreen and has the potential to cause KioWare to enter a non-recoverable crash/boot loop. This is most likely to occur upon boot of the device when users have KioWare set to Start on Boot. Additionally, KioWare is unable to block the home button due to limitations of the Amazon Fire OS.

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