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KioWare Full for Android

KioWare Full for Android is kiosk mode software designed to lock down Android devices. The software protects self-service applications by securing the OS, home screen and browser, as well as limiting the Android applications a user can run. The Server component, installed on a machine running the Windows OS, allows you to remotely monitor your tablets running the Android OS.

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KioWare Full for Android - Android Kiosk Software

KioWare Full for Android

The KioWare Full for Android product has two components: client side kiosk lockdown and a kiosk management server console.

Kiosk Client: the KioWare Full for Android client runs on the Android operating system and secures each individual tablet.

Server Console: the KioWare Server console runs on the Windows OS while the KioCloud Server console can be accessed via any device with a internet browser.  The server console allows you to centrally monitor all of the Android tablets running KioWare Full for Android.

The KioWare Full for Android client features are the same as our KioWare Basic for Android software, and include:

  • Protect the Home Screen/Launcher
  • Browser Lockdown
  • Limit Android Apps
  • Browser Resetting
  • Security Audit
  • External device support
  • NFC Support
  • Add-ins support

To read more about these features, visit the KioWare Basic for Android page.

Some of the many Kiosk Management features are:

Remote Monitoring
It is extremely important to remotely monitor your tablet mobile device to determine its current status. The Server Console, installed on your machine running the Windows OS, allows you to monitor multiple Android tablets from a central location. Specifically, it can let you know if your application is still running, if certain components are reporting errors, and the percentage battery life.

GPS Location Reporting
The KioWare client can access your device’s location and it reports that location to the Server through heartbeats.

Statistics Logging
Access your user's statistics, pageviews and behavior with the statistics logging javascript function.

Content Updating
This feature allows you to remotely update content on individual Android tablets from a central server. You schedule a daily time when the tablets should contact KioWare Server, and when there is new content, it is automatically downloaded.

Heartbeat Geofencing
Heartbeat Geofencing alerts the server when a device leaves the “green zone”. By setting the green zone to geographic parameters where the device is allowed to physically reside, KioWare Full for Android alerts KioWare Server when the device leaves the predetermined area. A heartbeat is sent, alerting KioWare Server as to zone violations, ultimately sending an email or other notification to your kiosk management team when configured to do so.

Download the free trial to determine if KioWare Full for Android is right for your project. The trial is unlimited with a trial-mode reminder. You can also Download a fully functioning demo of KioWare Server. When you are ready to purchase, you will either purchase KioWare Server or KioCloud plus KioWare Full for Android ($120) client side licenses, or you can purchase KioWare Full for Android ($240) with Server. Quantity pricing is available.

Read more about KioWare Kiosk Management here.

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KioWare Full - w/ Server [Android] $318
KioWare Full Annual Support - w/ Server [Android] $53

KioWare Full - Server Separate [Android] $162
KioWare Full Annual Support - Server Separate [Android] $27

KioWare Server $6,480
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