Compare Kiosk Software

  • Type: Article
  • Author: Laura Boniello Miller
  • Date: November 2013
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Compare Kioware Kiosk software using our software selection tool.

Selecting the correct kiosk software is often mired in confusing options and choices. As you look to select the best kiosk software solutions, we have a few questions you may want to ask that will help you navigate the waters. You’ll want to select the organization and product that best meets your needs and that will provide you with the support and assistance your project demands.
Questions to ask when selecting kiosk software:

  1. Consider what kind of support (both technical and sales) is offered. At some point in your process, between set up, purchase, development, configuration, deployment, and updating, you may need the help of a real person.
  • How responsive is the software company with regard to responding to your contact and/or email request?
  • Is there a phone number? Does anyone answer the phone when you call?
  • Can you find the answer to your question in online documentation? Is there a support forum?
  1. Within a kiosk software product, there are often various product lines.
  • Which product provides you everything you need?
  • What are your potential future needs and how hard will it be to upgrade?
  • Is the software still being developed updated or is it no longer being supported?
  • When was the last update? When is the next one expected?
  • Does it seem like the software you are interested in is part of the future of the company? Is it a side project or core to their business model?
  1. Consider your existing organizational technological structure and support.
  • What Operating Systems and devices are supported?
  • What are you running at your organization?
  • Does the software fit into the existing OS/Supported hardware or will it mean a complete shift of your infrastructure and/or IT team skills?

If you are interested in software that will lock down your Windows operating system, KioWare offers a Software Selection Tool to help you determine which KioWare for Windows products meet your organization’s needs.

If you plan to make use of Android devices for your kiosk solution, KioWare also carries a Kioware for Android product line with three options (Lite, Basic, Full with Server). Call KioWare at 717.843.4790 if you are unsure which option will best serve
your organization’s needs.