Purposed Device and Purposed Device Protection

Purposed Device and Purposed Device Protection

  • Type: Article
  • Author: Laura Boniello Miller
  • Date: June 2014
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Purposed Devices 

What is a “Purposed Device”?

Purposed devices are tablets, smartphones, or computers, which are locked down to confine the user to a particular application, task, and/or use. 

Purposed Device Examples

An example of a purposed device would be an Android tablet that a contractor uses to access and display project information via a specific application. Another example could be a device intended only to be used by a store employee for Point of Sale transactions.  A third example is that of a desktop device purposed with printing badges for a conference.  Purposed devices often only have a single user, but are locked down to restrict that user to only the permissable activity or activities.   

Protection for Purposed Devices

When businesses dispense these purposed devices, certain measures should be taken to protect the physical devices and ensure that they will only be used for the intended purpose.  How businesses protect these purposed devices varies.  Unsecured devices create both productivity and security issues.

Purposed Device Protection Via Physical Protection and Insurance 

A hard case protects the tablets and smartphones from accidental destruction, breakage, or water damage.  Insurance to compensate the business on hardware or software failures can be purchased to protect against theft or breakage. 

Kiosk Software for Purposed Devices

Software specifically designed for purposed devices restricts access to only the activities, applications, or websites that are approved by the business for usage.  This software is called kiosk software, and while many options exist, only a few pre-date the Android tablet and know the intricacies that go along with providing extensive device security.  KioWare is one such solution and it locks down both Windows and Android operating systems.

Remote Management of Purposed Devices

With remote management tools and reporting, KioWare Full with Server for Android or Windows provides the ability to manage purposed device usage, statistics, and deployments from remote locations.  With deployment available from one to thousands (or more), KioWare products are scalable and work for any size company.

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