Remote Kiosk Management Features & Functions

Remote Kiosk Management Features & Functions

  • Type: White Paper
  • Author: Laura Boniello Miller
  • Date: October 2014
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When deploying and managing multiple kiosks, especially kiosks over a broad range of geographic locations, remote kiosk management is an essential tool for maximizing your resources. Some features of kiosk management software include usage statistics, remote monitoring of kiosk health, managing kiosk content, and kiosk grouping.

Reporting on Kiosk Data – Big Data for Kiosks

KioWare makes reporting easy. Share your kiosk data using KioWare’s standard reports or create custom reports with only the data you want to share. For instance, reports can be shared with the relevant departments to improve user conversions by analyzing user paths (the most common paths being taken by users.

How to Manage your Kiosks


Monitoring your Kiosks Remotely

Given the importance of kiosk availability, remote monitoring via KioWare Server can be an essential tool for ensuring kiosk uptime. KioWare Server sends email notifications when kiosks miss heartbeats or experience a status change (depending on your settings and the severity of the event), allowing you to quickly ascertain the device’s issue. You can view the health (via kiosk heartbeats) of all of your kiosks via a status overview page, enabling you to have a bird’s eye view of all of your kiosks with one dashboard. This provides peace of mind with one quick glance and allows you to minimize downtime and efficiently tend to temporary kiosk health issues without an on-site visit.

Group Kiosks for Easy Remote Kiosk Management

Group management of kiosks allows you to manage kiosk settings, stats, and content by categories/groups of your creation. You can group the kiosks by region, performance, or other segmenting that you determine necessary. This allows you to customize content and settings to optimize conversions and satisfaction amongst users.

Other standard reports:

Usage Statistics - Displays usage statistics for one or all kiosks within a project
Project Overview - Lists each kiosk in a project with revision (current and new) and last check-in times
Heartbeat Report - Displays history of heartbeats received from a kiosk; can drill into any heartbeat for detailed view of 30+ performance parameters
Content Update History - Displays history of files downloaded to the kiosk
Survey Data Results - Displays summary statistics of survey information uploaded from kiosk
Content Traversal - Used to analyze the most common paths taken by the user, e.g., what was the most common second page viewed?
Kiosk Events - Displays the event log for a kiosk
Urgent Event Log - Displays the urgent event log for a kiosk
Stats Upload History - Displays the history of statistics uploaded for a kiosk
Survey Results Upload History - Displays the history of surveys uploaded for a kiosk

Other important information about kiosk management with KioWare Server:

• KioWare Server is available for hosting on your own server and will soon be available for hosting on the cloud
• KioWare Server can be used to manage kiosks running kiosk software by KioWare or Kiosk Pro
• KioWare Server allows you to manage kiosks running on multiple operating systems: Android, Windows, and iOS (as long as the kiosk software is KioWare or Kiosk Pro)
Managing your kiosks with KioWare Server can increase efficiency, minimize downtime, and improve customer experience, all while increasing the amount of data available to make informed decisions about kiosk content, usage, and placement.
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