Browser Lockdown or Lockdown Browser

  • Type: Article
  • Author: Laura Boniello Miller
  • Date: June 2015
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What is browser lockdown?

Browser lockdown is software that creates a protected, restricted, and safe browser environment for the purpose of limiting a user’s access on a device such as a kiosk or tablet. Browser lockdown is commonly used for educational testing, public device access, customer self-service, or other prescribed, restricted user experiences.


Browser refers to Internet Explorer™, Chrome™, Firefox™, Safari™, or other engines or software built using these engines.  The purpose of a browser is to retrieve, present and navigate information on the web.  Browser-based applications are web apps that run inside a browser.  Cloud applications are also web apps. 


Lockdown references the software’s ability to restrict access to particular domains, eliminate pop ups, reset user sessions, clear cache, history and private data.  Lockdown software can be used to block file downloads, restrict external devices, and block dialogs.  

Internet Explorer Browser Lockdown, IE Kiosk Mode, or Chrome Kiosk Mode

Most browsers include a kiosk mode option to restrict your browser from accessing unauthorized websites.  Browser kiosk mode tools can create a full screen mode environment, limiting users from certain activities, but this method does not effectively stop users from exiting the browser completely, accessing the operating system, and creating any number of security issues due to unauthorized access.

Here are a few articles about the limitations of a browser’s kiosk mode when used in an open/public/multiple user environment.

Chrome Kiosk Mode vs Kiosk Software

Windows Kiosk Mode Uses & Limitations

Browser Lockdown via Kiosk Software

Browser lockdown software is also known as kiosk software.  Kiosk software, or browser lockdown software restricts access to device operating systems.  It can be used to create a trusted public access computer, a testing environment, or a customer facing device.  KioWare is one type of lockdown browser or browser lockdown solution and is kiosk software used to lockdown your browser and operating system.  

What is Kiosk Mode?