Using Attract Screens on Your Kiosk.

  • Type: Video
  • Date: December 2015
KioWare for Windows - How to use attract screens on your kiosk. This KioWare University Tutorial will walk you through setting up attract screens for your kiosk.
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Sample Kiosk Attract Screen

If you’d like something to display whenever your kiosk isn’t in use, you’ll need to set up Attract Screens. Attract Screens are shown between the time when a kiosk user’s session ends and a new user’s session begins. The purpose of an attract screen is to do as the name implies: attract users.


To set up Attract Screens, start by opening the KioWare for Windows config tool and clicking on the Attract/Inactivity tab.

Under Inactivity, check the box for Activate Timer and set the timer. This is the amount of time the kiosk and kiosk user will be inactive before the attract screen starts. The amount of time depends on your kiosk use so you may need to adjust this setting accordingly. 

Under Session End Settings, check the boxes to activate the settings you need.

Beside Attract Screen Mode, there are three modes available from the drop down menu.

The default mode is Local Folder Contents, which means that when the kiosk user’s session ends, KioWare will loop through all images, videos, and URL links in the provided data directory. Click the Open Data Folder button to drop in files that should be shown as your attract screens. Note that images are shown full-screen so ideally the image should be the same ratio as the kiosk’s display.

We’ve provided a few sample attract screen images, so if you don’t want to set up your own, KioWare will show those default images.

Another Attract Screen Mode is Web Page List, which means that when the kiosk user’s session ends, KioWare will loop through a provided list of URLs. Create your list of URLs by clicking on Add Attract Screen and adding the URL. The drop-down menu to the right is the Exit Action you want KioWare to take when a user interacts with the Attract Screen. The stopwatch to the right of that is where you’ll click to set a custom delay if you don’t want to use the default screen delay time for this particular attract screen.

The final Attract Screen Mode is Disabled, which means that when the kiosk user’s session ends, KioWare will simply display your start page again.

Attract Screens are useful tools for attracting new users. If you have any questions about Attract Screens or the Attract/Inactivity tab of the KioWare for Windows config tool, just contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

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