KioWare Version History

KioWare Lite for Android
4.6 Apr-2024 KioCall Improvements

Several changes have been made to the KioCall user interface, including improved reliability of call buttons.

Google Security Fix

Google Drive files are now filtered to KioWare for Android specific types for added privacy.

Directories Update

Directories are now chosen via a file browser as opposed to text entry in the Config Tool.

Major Permissions Overhaul

Users are now required to consent to overlay and files access on their first install to ensure no unnecessary permissions are granted.

Various Bug Fixes

A variety of other improvements and bug fixes.

4.5 Nov-2023 Upgraded Samsung Knox to Version 3.9

KioWare for Android is now compatible with Samsung Knox version 3.9.

Upgraded KioTouch Libraries

KioTouch libraries are now compatible with Android 13.

Additional Config Warnings

Improved warnings to help users avoid a configuration that disables exiting KioWare.

JavaScript Improvements

Updated JavaScript library to block unwanted domains from using critical API methods.

Exit Tutorial Improvements on Start Page

The exit tutorial on the start page has been improved to comfortably fit screens on all devices.

Various Bug Fixes

A variety of other improvements and bug fixes.

4.4 Jul-2023 Upgraded Android Version

Upgraded Android target version to Android 13 to keep app updated with the latest security and performance libraries, and to ensure support for the newest devices.

Out of Service Mode

Added capability to put KioWare in and out of Out of Service Mode via an exit action.

Updated Location Requirements

Allows users to choose approximate location if precision is not required for their configuration.

New Configuration Tool Features

Added built in assistance to the configuration tool for users configuring their launcher applications to work with KioWare.

Various Bug Fixes

A variety of other improvements and bug fixes.

4.3 Nov-2022 Streamlined App Management

When selecting single app mode, users can choose specific apps to be allowed by KioWare to further personalize your experience.

Customized Notification Shade

Easily disable the notification shade on devices running Android 12 and greater.

Security Vulnerability Fix

Fix to settings to prevent unexpected crashing upon startup.

Various Bug Fixes

A variety of other improvements and bug fixes.

4.2 Jul-2022 Upgraded App to Android 12

Updated KioWare for Android to target Android 12 features and maximize compatibility with the latest version of Android OS.

Updated Browser Customization

A new level of browser customization improves configuring your kiosk to make it look and feel the way you want.

Increased Multi-tasking Performance

Upgraded performance with the intention of making it more efficient to complete multiple tasks at once while using KioWare.

Increased Security Startup Speed

KioWare’s security on a device’s boot has received a speed boost for better levels of protection.

Added Machine-Specific Variability

Users now have access to an advanced setting allowing them to set variables to be used for multiple devices to access device-specific information from a single settings file.

Upgraded Samsung Knox SDK to Version 3.8

KioWare for Android is now compatible with Samsung Knox SDK version 3.8.

Various Bug Fixes

A variety of other improvements and bug fixes.

4.1 Feb-2022 Upgraded App to Support Android 11

KioWare for Android now supports the new Android 11 operating system.

Added Migration Backup Assistance

Migrations from versions are backed up by a settings file to prevent the loss of user settings when updating.

Manual Migration from Older Versions of KioWare for Android

Enabled manual migration backups on updates from any version of KioWare for Android 3.24 or earlier.

Various Bug Fixes

Minor bug fixes and updates.

4.0 Oct-2021 Updated Design for Config Tool

The configuration tool UI has been updated to be both cleaner and easier to navigate. It makes better use of a tablet’s screen real estate, in both portrait and landscape, via a new collapsible navigation. Lastly, it can also be configured to use light or dark mode.

Updated Main Browser

The main browser within KioWare for Android now has customizable views with options for user interaction in each view. Also added were additional browsers, toolbars, and spacers.

Upgraded Minimum Version Requirements

KioWare for Android now requires a minimum version of Android 5.0.

Migrated Main App Configuration Files

Configuration files for KioWare for Android have been changed from XML to JSON.

Various Bug Fixes and Updates

Routine maintenance updates and addressing a few bug-related issues in the previous version of KioWare for Android.

3.24 Oct-2020 Support for Customizable KioTouch Usage Instructions

Added the ability for administrators to supply custom KioTouch usage instructions that will appear on the user's mobile device during a KioTouch session.

3.23 Jul-2020 KioTouch™ Integration

KioTouch is a touchless interface solution for self-service kiosks. This allows end-users to interact with the kiosk through their mobile device and does not require they touch the surface of the kiosk at all.

Allow KioCall video window to be sized so browser content can be interacted with.

Users can now toggle auto-scaling for KioCall video windows on and off, allowing them to adjust the window so other elements on the display can be seen or support interaction during a video call.

Update Agora SDK to 2.9.4

Updated KioCall's backing SDK – Agora to version 2.9.4.

3.22 Feb-2020 Add Samsung Serial Number to Device Information

Samsung devices with KNOX now report custom serial number information in the "getDeviceInfo" method of the KioWareUtils JavaScript namespace.

Add Support for Real Package Files Instead of XML Files with Assets

Assets stored in KioWare for Android's UserData directory are now embedded as assets in an archive file.

Modify Video Player portal.html in Guided Setup to Support Having Rewind, Fast-Forward Buttons and Video Timeline

More granular control of video playback when leveraging video player page after being created through the Guided Setup.

3.21 Oct-2019 Added Method to Reload Portal.json into Guided Setup

Importing a settings file created through the Guided Setup and then launching the Guided Setup again will now prompt users to load the JSON data and then begin the setup process from there.

Other bug fixes as necessary

Optimized and improved upon other processes as well as provided general bug fixes.

3.20 Jul-2019 Customer requested features
  • Multiple-application mode option in Guided Setup
  • Optionally show detailed HTTP status code information on NavError page
  • Logcat viewer access while KioWare is running (for debugging purposes)
  • Support for Shell script execution via JavaScript

Updated KNOX SDK

KioWare Samsung Support updated to KNOX 3.3

Bug Fixes

Various bug fixes and UI improvements.

3.19 Jun-2019 Clear Third Party App Data

Using the Samsung KNOX tab in KioWare for Android, third party application data can be set to clear when session end occurs.

Specify Single App Mode Application

Users can now manually select the specific application that will display in Single App Mode.

Launch Apps with Intent Extras

URLs can now be set to launch with the "intent://" scheme. Users can add custom links that launch applications or websites, from the toolbar and other locations.

S-Pen Functionality Blocking

Samsung tablets using S-Pens previously exposed a security vulnerability. S-Pen functionality can be blocked by selecting "Disable Air Command Mode" in the Samsung KNOX tab, removing this potential vulnerability.

Various Bug Fixes

Also updated were various performance issues and behaviors such as a now resolved provisioning bug and other provisioning-related improvements.

3.18 Mar-2019 Feature added to create time-limited sessions

Set sessions to be limited to a preset max time.

Add custom URL before session end

KioWare can now be configured to show a specific URL before ending a session, prior to entering attract mode.

Configurable exit screen timeout

Exit screen can be set to disappear at a set duration of inactivity. Previously this was fixed to a two minute interval.

Disable navigation blocked pages

Ability to disable "navigation blocked" pages, so that they do not appear. Users can now specify domains on which they prefer not to have KioWare's pages be shown.

Web app monitoring

New configuration option has been added to set web app to reload when the app becomes unresponsive. Pages can also report into KioWare using a corresponding JavaScript API. This API can be leveraged to automatically restart the browser or application if the page or pages become unresponsive.

Bug Fixes

Various bug fixes and UI improvements.

3.17 Nov-2018 Support for SIP audio calling

Support added for general SIP VoIP. This allows you to use any VoIP provider that uses SIP on supported devices.

Hardware keyboard filtering

New hardware keyboard filtering includes blocking key combinations and hot key shortcuts.

Built-in applications drawer

The built in applications drawer can be used instead of the default home screen.

Attract looper settings

New attract looper settings have been added to control the transition animation and change the attract looper folder location.

Results dialog added when provisioning

A results dialog has been added to show when provisioning.

JavaScript functions added

JavaScript functions can be used to obtain detailed device information.

Bug fixes

Various bug fixes and application improvements.

3.16 Jul-2018 Provisioning Improvements
  • Users can now provision Android devices via a USB Storage device.
  • Provisioning support has also been added for running shell scripts.
  • The option has been added to enable usage data access when provisioning.

A secure file browser has been added
  • The secure file browser allows users to open a file browser and select a file to upload. New security features allow users to browse only allowed files/folders on the file system.
  • Photo and video capturing will be allowed when using this file input tag option, making it easy for users to take new photos or videos or browse the file system for existing files.

Support added for multiple exit passcodes and correlated exit actions

Different exit passcodes can now be used to call different exit actions. This allows using one exit code to exit KioWare, and another code to restart KioWare, for example. Using this feature, deployers can now vary permissions based on user need.

Manage reboot schedule on rooted devices

Previously, rooted devices were unable to utilize reboot schedules. This version adds support for reboot schedules to be used on devices that are rooted.

Access list for allowing HTTP error pages

Support has been added to customize the list of allowed HTTP error pages providing access to only the desired pages.

Option to disable "This feature has been blocked" messages

Support has been added to customize the list of allowed HTTP error pages providing access to only the desired pages.

Set a default video poster image

The video poster image is seen when video loads. This default video poster can now be customized.

Additional KioFileIO JavaScript functions

The newly supported KioFileIO functions include one for moving files and another for deleting directories.

Bug fixes

Various bug fixes and security improvements.

3.15 Apr-2018 Support for battery management via the ArmorActive Optica Pro LED™ Enclosure

This enables an optimized charging algorithm to extend battery life. Requires use of the KioWare Device Support App available in the Google Play Store.

Add optional password protection to the Configuration Tool

When this feature is utilized, users can modify the configuration tool only with appropriate permissions.

Update Android SDK to Version 26

Target Android SDK version updated to 26, including user-requested permissions in compliance with Google Play Store.

KioCall® calls accepted during attract mode

Incoming calls can now be set to "allow" while the device is in attract mode.

Update to set up superuser permissions when provisioning

A provisioning option has been added to request superuser permissions on rooted devices. These permissions can be used to remove navigation buttons, for example.

Support for WPA2 Enterprise WiFi networks

WPA2 Enterprise WiFi networks now supported.

Option to log to a file

This allows logging KioWare information directly to a file, for improved troubleshooting/error handling of configuration settings and functions.

Allow substitution variable for UserData folder

Usability improvement to allow substitution variable for the KioWare UserData folder.

A new file chooser has been added

A file chooser has been added to select the settings XML file on the provisioning screen.

Various performance improvements and bug fixes

Improvements in usability, performance, and fixes to various bugs.

3.14 Dec-2017 User configurable exit corner patterns

Users can now customize KioWare exit patterns for higher security.

Show Wi-Fi management option

There is now an option to show a "Wi-Fi Manager" by clicking on the Wi-Fi toolbar button.

Manage Wi-Fi access points

New JavaScript functions are available for managing Wi-Fi access points.

Custom toolbar or portal pages with favicon

An option has been added to use website favicons for custom toolbar buttons and the Guided Setup portal pages.

New Guided Setup functionality

Users of the Guided Setup tool now have the ability to add categories/folders to the Guided Setup portal pages.

Hide page title

Users can now choose to hide the page title from the action bar with this setting.

Add screen magnification

New KioWare Accessibility Service functionality allows for screen magnification.

Capture and upload video

Support added to capture and upload video files with a file input tag.

Various bug fixes

Various bug fixes and improvements.

3.13 Sep-2017 Support for Android 8.0 (Oreo™) Added

KioWare for Android now supports Android 8.0. Android 8.0 adds new accessibility features, improved speed, and more.

New Guided Setup options

KioWare's Guided Setup now includes options to set up a custom start page, create a portal page with full screen video content, and the ability to create a KioCall specific portal page with buttons for making calls with KioCall.

The addition of Wi-Fi access and control features

These features add the ability to automatically connect to networks in the list when KioWare starts, ability to save networks in the list, and option to clear known Wi-Fi access points.

Ability to add a Wi-Fi indicator toolbar button

The Wi-Fi indicator button shows the strength and connectivity of the Wi-Fi network and provides the option to show the network name (SSID) when you click the button.

Ability to receive JavaScript events when Wi-Fi status changes

This feature allows Web pages to receive JavaScript events when the Wi-Fi status changes, providing early awareness of issues and an immediate understanding of where the kiosk system is running into difficulties.

Addition of a brightness toolbar button

There is now an ooption to add a toolbar button to allow kiosk users to control the screen brightness along with JavaScript functions to control the brightness from web pages.

JavaScript long click event

Web pages can now respond to long clicks on the screen.

Samsung KNOX scheduled reboot

Samsung devices with KNOX enabled can now reboot the device on a schedule.

PDF display options

Configure KioWare to open PDF’s in the current tab or a new tab.

Browsing access via addin

Addins can now control which pages are allowed or not allowed to be displayed in the KioWare browser.

Various bug fixes

A number of bugs have been addressed.

3.12 May-2017 Option to Add Current Time to Custom Toolbar

Custom toolbar now provides an option to show the current time.

New UI for Provisioning

A new UI has been created to make it easier to generate provisioning files for scalable deployment.

Add Multiple URLs to Start Page

Users can add multiple URLs to the start page, using additional tabs for the display.

Configure KioWare to Wait for Available Network

Option to ask KioWare to wait for an available network upon boot, allowing the WIFI connection to complete before KioWare fully boots. Prior to this improvement, KioWare would boot before the WIFI connection was able to become established.

Support Added to Exit KioWare with a Fingerprint

An additional security feature has also been added, enabling support for exiting KioWare with a fingerprint.

Attract Looper Supports Local HTML Files

The KioWare Attract Looper now supports local HTML files.

Support has been Added for Automatic Actions

Using the new automatic actions feature, KioWare can be set to enable automatic log ins, redirects, session ends, or to automatically run scripts when a particular URL is used.

3.11 Mar-2017 Added support for KioCall Video Conferencing Kiosk App

KioCall video conferencing allows deployers to add a video conferencing button to allow kiosk users to call out to a preset destination.

Add developer friendly access to KioWare Javascript functions

Support has been added for a Scripting ACL which controls access to sensitive KioWare JavaScript functions.

Improve interaction between Prevent Screen Sleep & Screen Schedule

The two separate screen display functions now operate simultaneously and without conflict even when configured in opposition.

Camera Image Capture from HTML file input

KioWare for Android now supports capturing images via the camera from HTML file input elements.

Improved overwrite vs merge option for configuration settings.

When configuring KioWare for Android, the options now exist to overwrite the existing settings rather than choosing to merge them into existing settings.

Various performance improvements & bug fixes.

A number of speed & performance improvements have been made along with bugs being addressed.

3.10 Aug-2016 Support for Android 7.0 (Nougat)

Fully supports, secures, and protects the Android 7.0 operating system.

Exit Tutorial

Added a new "Exit Tutorial" to improve the user exiting experience. This tutorial provides instruction and an opportunity to practice exiting prior to launching KioWare for the first time.

Improved & Expanded Provisioning Feature

KioWare's device provisioning feature has been expanded to increase the number of settings that can be provisioned. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, the default launcher, screen timeout, screen brightness, and volume levels are now included in the provisioning options. Also added is the ability to postpone provisioning while waiting for an active network connection before proceeding.

Bug Fixes

Various other bug fixes.

3.9 Jun-2016 Samsung KNOX Support
  • Option to hide the navigation bar, completely eliminating ability to access any standard device navigation (improved feature)
  • Ability to disable the power off/airplane mode/restart option standard on any Samsung tablet
  • Restricts/allows use of the USB drive and SD card access
  • Disable physical power button
  • Disable access to the home icon/menu (improved feature)
  • Disable volume button & ability to physically change device volume

Set Individual Attract Screen URL

Set an individual attract screen URL to override the start page URL. This allows users to click the individual attract screen being shown and end up on a page specific to that screen.

Stay on Page Mode

"Stay on page" mode allows for configuring KioWare for Android to stay on the attract screen page that is featured.

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

3.8 May-2016 Hide/Show Toolbar & Tab bar

Added JavaScript functions for hiding/showing the toolbar and tab bar.

Show Custom EULA

Added a way to show a custom EULA dialog at every session start.

Support for Basic Auth

Added support for basic authentication when downloading files.

PDF Viewer Updated

Updated embedded PDF viewer.

Bug Fixes

Various bug fixes.

3.7 Apr-2016 New Simple Attract Screen Looper

Customers can now easily add attract screens via the simple Attract Looper configuration option.

Attract Screen Available in Single App Mode

Utilizing the existing Single App Mode, KioWare for Android can now be configured to display attract screens.

Toolbar Battery Indicator

Added option to display battery life percentage in KioWare's toolbar.

Various Bug Fixes

Virtual Keyboard bug fixes and improvements.

3.6 Dec-2015 Native PDF Support

Allows for PDF files to be displayed in the browser when configured to do so.

Append Custom Text to the Browser User Agent

This can be used to allow the web page to detect that a kiosk is requesting the web page (enabling users to set kiosk display to be customized/different from basic web browsing content). Also can be used for analytics and reporting. Other uses apply.

Support for Android 6.0

Fully supports, secures, and protects the Android 6.0 operating system.

Various Bug Fixes

3.5 Mar-2015 Support for Android 5.0

Fully support devices running Android 5.0 (Lollipop)

Configuration Tool UI Update

The configuration tool has been updated to Android's Material Light Design

Support for WebRTC

Devices running Android 5.0 and newer now allows JavaScript to access WebRTC functions, providing access to the camera and microphone & allowing on-page embedding of the video or camera

Basic Authentication

Allows KioWare to automatically log into websites that require basic authentication

Various Bug Fixes

3.4 Oct-2014 Disable Status Bar

Fully disable the status bar on devices running Android KitKat (4.4) and Newer

Spanish Language

Spanish Language setting (now available in English, German, French & Spanish)

Various Bug Fixes

3.3 Sep-2014 Mobile device & phone support

Phones and Smaller Screen Displays Now Supported.

Google Drive Integration

Import and export Configuration Tool setting with Google Drive integration.

Battery Optimizing

Extended battery life with improved management of battery usage via battery optimizing settings.

Wide View

Port enabled for Wide View

Screen On/Off

Schedule Screen On/Off

Reorder Attract Screen

Ability to re-order attract screen

Various security improvements & bug fixes

3.2 Jun-2014 Embed Resources in XML

Ability to Embed Resources in XML and store entire files, icons, etc into the XML file. This feature allows for easy movement of settings and files across multiple devices.

View Local Files (PDFs)

Local file "download" which allows users to view local PDFs.

New Navigation

Home Button and Back button used to navigate to start page URL or navigate back.

French Language

French language setting (now available in English, German, and French).

New Default Error Page

Newly designed default error page.

Samsung Exiting

Samsung exiting improved.

Webview Session Downloads

Downloads now use Webview’s Session.

Custom Schemes

Allow custom schemes to open applications for seamless interaction with “fb:” or “tel:” etc.

Screen Resizing

Option to allow top notification bar to show so that the screen resizes when the keyboard is displayed. (Allows you to avoid full screen mode when desired).

Configuration Tool Usability

Developer usability improvement to configuration tool, allowing tool to stay open to last used tab.

3.1 Feb-2014 Session End Warning Dialog

Single App Mode

Keeps one application active and visible.

Immersive Mode (Android 4.4 or newer)

Provides full screen viewing and allows for hiding the Android system bar without rooting.

Updated Launcher

Updated Launcher that does not display desktop, even momentarily.

Option not to suppress system dialogs

Android KitKat support

Skin Downloader

Allowing for white labeling of action toolbar buttons.

Application Manager

HTML5 Video improvements

System Reporting Tool

3.0 Nov-2013 Tabbed Browsing

The tabbed browsing setting creates new tab in browser instead of the standard pop up.

Address Bar

An address bar for in browser use.

Progress Bar

Added support for showing a progress bar.

XML Update Interval

Updates to the XML file will be completed at periodic intervals without requiring a restart.


Allows for mass installing the customized KioWare settings across multiple devices.

JavaScript Console

Javascript debug console.

Audit Feature Improvements

New items added to the Audit feature.

Default Zoom

Zoom level max increased to 1000.

HTML5 Auto Play Video option

Automatically plays HTML video elements with the "autoplay" attribute.

Browsing ACL

"Match Upon" allows users to "trust" an entire page, pulling in all relevant content from external sites.

2.0 Jul-2013 Security audit

Flags configuration settings that pose a security risk so you can opt to change them

Android geolocation support

Allows client applications to access this data (however, if this data needs to be alerted via a Server heartbeat, KioWare Full for Android with Server is needed)

Power down without exit

Allows user to power down tablet without exiting the application first (requires root)

1.7 r150 Jan-2013 Stability Fixes
  • Cleans up the browser more frequently to improve memory usage with graphically heavy websites
  • Requests a larger heap size from the OS to allow for larger memory allocations with large websites
  • AdsDelays calling destroy on old WebView controls for 5 seconds to give the WebViewCore a chance to handle the fact that the WebView is no longer active

1.7 r149 Jan-2013 Enable HTML5 local and session storage

This feature enables storing data in a web browser.

Enable fullscreen viewing of HTML5 video

This can be used to watch an HTML5 standard embedded video in an optional full screen mode.

Fix possible config tool crash due to a missing permission

Added the BLUETOOTH_ADMIN permission to the application manifest to prevent the config tool from crashing completely when going to the license screen on Android 4.2.

1.6 Nov-2012 Workaround for keyboard issue

Workaround on the exit passcode dialog for an issue on every Samsung device that we have tested with that causes the default onscreen keyboard to close immediately upon displaying.

1.5 Jul-2012 Bug Fix for random settings lost

Fixed an issue that caused a random loss of all settings due to a bug in the Android shared preferences API.

1.3 Jun-2012 Crash at boot fix

Fixed a crash at KioWare boot time when the home, refresh, or logout toolbar buttons are disabled. The crash was due to a missing null check before setting the button icon.

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