KioWare Version History

KioWare Lite for Windows
8.37 Mar-2024 Update to Chromium 121

KioWare for Windows has been updated to support Chromium 121.

Improved Security

Implemented additional security measures to protect against brute force attacks on the exit screen.

Docked Browser Improvements

New ability to switch between docked browsers (and main browser) via a configurable tabbing key.

Various Bug Fixes

A variety of other fixes and improvements, including UI and communication changes to the Kiosk Management tab and improvements to Automatic Actions.

8.36 Dec-2023 Update to Chromium 119

KioWare for Windows has been updated to support Chromium 119.

JavaScript Improvements

JavaScript functions added to support working directory. JavaScript can now be executed as a scheduled action.

KioApp Browser Storage

Additional ability to clear cache, cookies and all other storage on demand, at any time.

Config Tool Settings

Ability to set shell and autologin settings from the command line of Config Tool.

Support for Chrome DevTools API

Allows for tools to instrument, inspect, debug and profile Chromium, Chrome, and other Blink-based browsers.

Various Bug Fixes

A variety of other improvements and bug fixes.

8.35 Sep-2023 Update to Chromium 115

KioWare for Windows has been updated to support Chromium 115.

Out of Service Mode

Added capability to put KioWare into and out of "Out of Service Mode" via JavaScript, Exit Action, or Server Command. Server Command requires KioWare Full and KioWare Server or KioCloud.

Enhancements to Auto-start Applications

New ability to specify that the app should run with system/admin privileges. Users can specify that the app should run and complete prior to KioWare startup.

New Start-Up Options

Allow users to start KioWare in "Attract Mode" instead of in an initial user session.

Various Bug Fixes

A variety of other improvements and bug fixes.

8.34 May-2023 Update to Chrome 111/CEF 5563

KioWare for Windows has been updated to support Chrome 111/CEF 5563. For a full list of features added to Chrome 111, visit here.

New Auto Action Timings

Ability to trigger auto actions at session begin and session end.

Changes to EULA

Updated our End User License Agreement with product subscription information.

Various Bug Fixes

A variety of other improvements, including improved dialog management.

8.33 Oct-2022 Updated to Chrome 105/CEF 5195

KioWare for Windows has been updated to support Chrome 105/CEF 5195. For a full list of features added to Chrome 105, visit here.

Upgraded Version of KioCall

Latest update with bug fixes.

Various Bug Fixes

A variety of other improvements and bug fixes.

8.32 Jun-2022 New UI option to disable silent printing

Silent printing is a feature that hides the print preview dialog. This can now be disabled in the KioWare Config Tool, so that users will see the print preview dialog.

Bug Fixes

A variety of bugs, including a critical bug related to clearing cookies and cache, were resolved in this release.

8.31 May-2022 Updated to Chrome 101/CEF 4951

KioWare for Windows has been updated to support Chrome 101/CEF 4951. For a full list of features added to Chrome 101, visit here.

Various Bug Fixes

Resolved a variety of minor bugs.

8.30 Feb-2022 Updated to Chrome 98/CEF 4758

KioWare for Windows has been updated to support Chrome 98/CEF 4758. For a full list of features added to Chrome 98, visit here.

Updated KioTouch Support

KioTouch on KioWare for Windows now supports 32-bit devices.

Added High Contrast Mode

High contrast mode can now be switched on and off more easily.

Various Bug Fixes

Resolved a variety of minor bugs.

8.29 Jul-2021 Updated to Chrome 91/CEF 4472

Updated compatibility to Chrome 91/CEF 4472. For a full list of features added to Chrome 91, visit here.

Added an option to rotate Chrome logs when KioWare launches

KioWare can now be configured to keep old log files to be referenced later, rather than truncating them.

Added ability to tab to and from toolbars

Created feature to assist with enhanced accessibility to make navigating KioWare easier via a keyboard.

Improvements to Cookie Processing

Made improvements for device to handle cookies collected by a user during session as well as the cleanup process after a session has ended.

Started Testing on Windows 11

Preliminary testing and support for Windows 11.

8.28 Apr-2021 Updated to Chrome 89/CEF 4389

Updated KioWare to support Chrome 89 and CEF 4389. For a full list of features added to Chrome 89, visit here.

Fully Suppress Print Selection Dialog

Implemented suppression of Windows printer selection dialog and an API allowing for printing directly from the file system.

Minor Bug Fixes

Various Bug Fixes.

8.27 Mar-2021 Updated to Chrome 88/CEF 4324

Updated KioWare to support Chrome 88 and CEF 4324. For a full list of features added to Chrome 88, visit here.

Note: As of December 31, 2020 Adobe is no longer updating or supporting its Flash Player due to the maturation of other open formats such as HTML5, WebGL, and more. As a result, KioWare will no longer be offering support for Adobe Flash. For more information about the discontinuation of Adobe Flash, please read Adobe's official statement regarding the "end-of-life" of Flash by clicking here.

8.26 Sep-2020 Updated to Chrome 85/CEF 4183

Updated KioWare to support Chrome 85 and CEF 4183.

8.25 Jul-2020 Added Support for Maintenance/Cleaning Toolbar Indicator

The Cleanliness Indicator tracks three different usage statistics: sessions, total run time, and active session time, since last cleaning.

Added Support for Machine-Specific Basic Authentication Entries

Entries added through machine-specific basic authentication will not persist through settings export or import. New entries can also be passed in via command line during installation.

8.24 Jun-2020 KioTouch™ Integration

KioTouch is a touchless interface solution for self-service kiosks. This allows end-users to interact with the kiosk through their mobile device and does not require they touch the surface of the kiosk at all.

More Options for Error Handling Page

KioWare now has more options for error handling including displaying the error page, an option to do nothing, displaying an error page if there is no content, and displaying a simple message if necessary.

Add Option to Disable VK Click Sound

The virtual keyboard now has the option to enable and disable the "click" sound that plays when interacting with it.

Add PDF Support to Attract Looper

Attract looper screens can now display PDF files.

Update to Latest Agora SDK

KioCall is now supporting the SDK – Agora 3.0 release.

Update to Chrome 81/CEF 4044

KioWare has been updated to be compatible with the recent Chrome 81 release.

8.23 Feb-2020 Portal Page Custom Images

Added new portal page customization features in the Guided Setup.

Support Shortcut Keys

Added a minimally intrusive support option for KioWare.

Update to Chrome 79/CEF 3945

KioWare now supports Chrome 79/CEF 3945.

8.22 Dec-2019 Adjustment to How Toolbar Height is Determined

Previously Toolbar height was determined by the size of the main browser window. Toolbars now properly maintain their height proportionally to the full display of the device.

Dialogs Show Centered When DPI Scaling is On

Modal dialogs now properly adhere to Windows DPI scaling settings.

Blocked Windows Gestures While KioWare is Running

Some newly introduced Windows gestures are now being properly blocked while KioWare is running.

Update to Chrome 78/CEF 3904

KioWare for Windows now supports Chrome 78/CEF 3904. For a full list of features added to Chrome 78, visit here.

Re-Enabled Flash for Update to Chrome 78

KioWare 8.21 built on Chrome 77 saw Flash support removed. Flash support has been re-enabled with 8.22's upgrade to Chrome 78.

8.21 Nov-2019 Update to Chrome 77/CEF 3865

KioWare for Windows now supports Chrome 77/CEF 3865. For a full list of features added to Chrome 77, visit here.

Live Countdown for Inactivity Timer

New session timer functionality can now be leveraged as a subtle warning to the user that their session is about to expire.

Update Video Player Controls

Video controls included in our Guided Setup's Video Player template are now properly scaled and positioned based on the kiosk's display resolution.

Other bug fixes as necessary

Optimized and improved upon other processes as well as provided general bug fixes.

8.20 Aug-2019 Support for Chrome 75/CEF 3770

KioWare for Windows now supports Chrome 75/CEF 3770. For a full list of features added to Chrome 75, visit here.

Modified Video Player in Guided Setup

Added a "scrub" feature that allows users to utilize fast-forward and rewind buttons as well as a seekbar with videos linked on the video play page.

Bug Fixes

Various bug fixes as well as the addition of an exit action warning to make the administration of KioWare even more user-friendly.

8.19 Jun-2019 Select toolbar image via file browser

Functionality has been added to allow users to browse out and select an image via a file explorer window when adding a picture to the toolbar.

Bug fixes

Various bug fixes have been updated to improve the user experience.

8.18 May-2019 Support for Chrome 73/CEF 3683

KioWare for Windows now supports Chrome 73/CEF 3683. For a full list of features added to Chrome 73, visit here.

Support added to specify alternate start pages

Users now have the ability to specify alternate start pages for specific attract screens. This allows customers to click on an attract screen and go directly to the relevant start page set as associated with that attract page.

Usability improvements for Drive Browser

Support added to Drive Browser to allow for selecting multiple files at once. Previously, each file would need to be selected independently. Additional changes include improved file path handling, and previewing of selected image files.

Support added for incoming call sound

KioCall can now be set to ring when an incoming call comes in to the kiosk.

Various bug fixes and behavioral improvement

UI improvements, bug fixes, and undesired behaviors have been improved.

8.17 Mar-2019 Support has been added for Chrome 72

Google has released information about a serious security vulnerability (CVE-2019-5786). This version of KioWare for Windows adds support for Chrome 72 (72.0.3626.121), resolving this vulnerability.

8.16 Dec-2018 Support for Chrome 70

KioWare has added support for Chrome 70.

Support for transferring files from connected phones or tablets to the kiosk

KioWare has added support for mobile devices in the drive browser system. This allows users to transfer files to the kiosk (drive browser) directly from their mobile device rather than a USB drive.

Support added to use website icons for custom links in toolbar

Easily use a website favicon in the custom toolbar.

Mouse and Cursor Lockdown Support

Ability to lock the mouse cursor to a primary display when using multiple monitors. This allows deployers to limit mouse movements to only the allowed display.

Auto Start Program Control Support

Auto start applications can now be set to manipulate the application’s main window, hide KioWare, and hide the desktop cover.

8.15 Jul-2018 Support for Chrome 67

KioWare has added support for Chrome 67.

Guided Setup Improvements

Improvements have been made to the Guided Setup tool.

Bug Fixes

Various Bug Fixes to improve security, usability, and functionality.

8.14 Jun-2018 New Guided Setup Tool

Users are now directed to a Guided Setup upon first installation of KioWare for Windows. The Guided Setup tool allows users to choose from interactive kiosk content, non-interactive digital signage, or a KioCall video conferencing configuration. Additional set up features available using the Guided Setup tool.

Chromium 65 Support

KioWare for Windows now supports Chromium 65.

Auto-hide mouse cursor

The mouse cursor can be set to auto-hide after timeout.

Javascript functions added to allow for managing WiFi connectivity

WiFi connectivity can now be managed using Javascript functions like GetInterfaces, Connect, Disconnect and more.

Show customizable NavBlocked page for all blocked navigation attempts

This page now appears when ACL blocked events take place.

Remote Settings Downloading Length Check

A "length check" has been added which retries the downloading of remote settings to help prevent bad file downloads.

MouseBlock setting is now exposed to work with Context Menu

This allows for blocking the right click or allows for context menus to appear when right clicking is enabled.

8.13 Jan-2018 Open Downloads in New Tabs

An option is now available to open downloads in new tabs.

Virtual Keyboard Features Added

A new option has been added to keep the virtual keyboard on screen at all times. The virtual keyboard can now also be docked to the top of the screen.

Chrome 63 Support

KioWare for Windows now supports Chrome 63.

Support added for Basic Authentication

Support has been added for basic authentication and client certificates retrieving remote settings.

DPI Scaling

DPI Scaling in accordance with Windows settings is now supported.

Allow Incoming Calls

KioWare kiosks running KioCall Video Conferencing now allow incoming calls while in attract mode.

Various Bug Fixes

Bug fixes include improvements to the virtual keyboard performance, navigation tweaks, and various changes to improve responsiveness.

Removed support for Vidyo™ Video Conferencing

If upgrading, use KioCall instead.

8.12 Nov-2017 Toolbar controls added

New toolbar controls have been added to allow for configuring the custom KioWare toolbar to show date and/or time. A new toolbar control has also been added to indicate connection type. There is also a toolbar control that accompanies the time limited sessions feature ('Session Timer')

New Command line options for Browsing ACL import tool

Command line options for the Browsing ACL Import tool have been added which enables scripting.

Support added for time limited sessions

KioWare now allows you to set a max time for each user session.

Ability to specify accepted languages in browser

A setting has been added to allow for specifying accepted languages in the KioWare browser.

Support added to clear or keep cookies

Users now can choose to clear or keep cookies based on a filter.

Hot Virtual Keyboard support added

Support has been added for the popular 3rd party virtual keyboard solution, "Hot Virtual Keyboard".

Chromium 62 support added

KioWare for Windows now works with Chromium 62.

Various bug fixes

Numerous bug fixes and minor updates.

8.11 Jun-2017 Support for Chrome 58

KioWare has been updated to support Chrome 58 which adds IndexedDB 2.0, Full screen Progressive Web Apps, Sandboxed iframe Improvements and more.

Support for multiple (simultaneous) start page URLs using multiple tabs

Set KioWare to start using multiple tabs and opening to specified URLs.

Ability to perform automatic actions (such as log on) when a specific webpage or form appears

KioWare can now be configured to perform automatic actions for specified webpages. Automatic actions can be used to have users automatically logged into a particular page or app, or perform other automatic tasks as specified.

Support for a custom "session end" URL

Set session ends and restarts when a particular, specified URL is reached/loaded.

Exit pattern customization

Create a customized exit pattern for increased flexibility and security.

Attract looper support for local HTML files

The attract looper now has the option to utilize local HTML files for attract screen content.

8.10 Mar-2017 Developer tool to inject JavaScript into each browser/frame

A method for developers to inject JavaScript into each browser/frame has been added.

Various Bug Fixes & Performance Enhancements

KioWare for Windows improves video performance and adds various bug fixes to improve usability & functionality.

8.9 Feb-2017 Support for Chrome 55

Chrome 55, released in December 2016, addresses issues with Flash and enables HTML5 by default for a small number of users (ultimately adding a prompt to run Flash on new sites).

Added Support for KioCall Video Conferencing Kiosk App

KioCall video conferencing allows deployers to add a video conferencing button to allow kiosk users to call out to a preset destination.

8.8 Nov-2016 Optional Support for Mixed Mode Content

Support for displaying mixed mode code (optional). This impacts those with sites that serve content via http and https pages.

Busy Indicator Added

A busy indicator has been added. This indicator appears if there is lag while transitioning to or from attract mode.

KioWare Event Log Shortcut

Includes a shortcut to access the KioWare Event Log from inside the config tool.

Customize Icons

Users now have the ability to customize the icons that show in KioWare message dialogs.

Bug Fixes

A number of bugs have been addressed.

8.7 Sep-2016 Upgrade to Chrome 52

The browser is now upgraded to Chrome 52

Required OS is Windows 7 or higher

This version of KioWare will no longer support Vista

Command Line Execution

Scheduled actions are now capable of executing a command line

HotKey Support

Support for mapping key combinations to actions

Addin support for downloads

Addin support has been added for handling downloads

Attract screen mode improvements

A default screen delay, transition style, and transition time have been added to attract screen simple looper (attract looper) mode (applies to additional displays).

Assistive Technologies

Support for assistive technologies such as JAWS® screen reading software, ZoomText® screen magnification and screen reading software, and EZ® Access Keypad device support have been added

Context Menu Support

Ability to create a custom right click (context) menu.

8.6 Jun-2016 Hide/Minimize Managed Dialogs

Options have been added which allow you to hide or minimize managed dialogs/windows.

Drive Browser

KioWare now allows you to set a destination for file downloads, using the drive browser.

Addin Configuration Screen

You can now add a custom configuration screen to your Addin to make it simple for users to configure the Addin within the KioWare Config Tool.

Limit Print Jobs Per Session

KioWare now has the option to set and limit the number of print jobs allowed per session.

Create Addin events for file downloads

You can now create Addin events for file downloads.

Update to KioWare Classic for Windows Settings Importer

The tool which allows you to import your KioWare Classic Settings into the new KioWare for Windows now supports the original KioWare Browser product.

Bug Fixes

Various bug fixes including an update to allow KioWare to run prior to the first opening of the config tool file and an update to allow KioWare to correctly identify the version of Windows running on the device.

8.5 May-2016 Virtual Keyboard Language Switching

Support for switching between languages on the virtual keyboard.

Drive Browser for File Download/Upload Management

Updates to the User Interface include file upload controls, and selecting a file download destination.

Upgrade to Chrome 49

The browser is now upgraded to Chrome 49.

Bug Fixes

A number of bugs have been addressed.

8.4 Feb-2016 Ability for Addins to Override Exit Functionality

A new Addin API with functions and events for integrating into the exit routine of KioWare.

Upgrade to Chrome 47

The browser is now upgraded to Chrome 47. This update addresses a crash caused by some dropdown lists.

Bug Fixes

Includes a fix to address a possible crash when multiple windows (tabs or pop-ups) are open, and other minor bugs fixes.

8.3 Jan-2016 Native PDF Viewing

View PDFs natively when navigating to websites/applications displaying PDF files.

Vidyo® Application Support

Simple integration of the Vidyo collaboration video conferencing application into KioWare to allow users to communicate with a representative via HD video.

Basic Authentication

Allows KioWare to automatically log into websites that require basic authentication.

Custom Zoom Level Support

Custom default zoom levels can be set for docked browsers, secondary displays, and attract screens.

Image Capture from File Upload Control

Support for capturing an image directly from a file upload control on a web page.

Secondary Monitor Local Folder Attract Mode

Support utilizing the Attract Looper Feature (also known as Local Folder Attract Mode) on secondary monitors.

Autostart Programs upon Launch

Ability to launch a list of applications when KioWare is launched.

Toolbar Features Added

Caps, Num, Scroll Lock and Battery Level indicators and controls added to the custom toolbar.

Support for File Downloads

Information on some websites can be served as a "download". The ability to allow certain file downloads is critical for users to view PDF's, in particular.

Upgrade to Chrome 45

The browser is now upgraded to Chrome 45.

Support SSL client certificates with KioWare Server, KioCloud, and KioWare License Server

Client certificates are now sent with all KioWare Server, KioCloud, and KioWare License Server requests, if enabled.

Latvian Language Virtual Keyboard

A Latvian Language virtual keyboard has been added.

Config Tool UI Improvements

Improvements to the UI of the General and Security Tabs.

Bug Fixes

Various other bug fixes and improvements.

8.2 Oct-2015 New Import tool allows importing of KioWare Classic for Windows Configuration File to the new KioWare for Windows

Convert a KioWare Classic for Windows XML configuration file to a usable KioWare for Windows configuration file (JSON) with this import tool.

Simplified Attract Screen Looper

This new configuration feature allows users to add attract screen assets to a specified file in order to create a custom, auto playing attract screen via simple drag and drop.

Various improvements to the Configuration Tool's User Interface

The Configuration Tool has been modified in order to improve user experience, particularly when used on touch screen.

Customizable tab colors and background colors

Using the pop up color picker, you can now customize tab colors and background colors to create an end user experience that is fully integrated with your brand, website, or application styles.

HTML Keyboards now available for more than 50 additional languages

The new HTML keyboards are now available for more than 50 language locales.

Ability to style pop up dialogs

Pop up dialogs can now be customized and styled to create a cohesive experience for end users.

String substitutions for URLs and other settings

Allows for setting custom URLs based on a static, kiosk-specific command string.

JavaScript functions for working with local files

Supports JavaScript functions when working with local files.

Inactivity timeout warning dialog

Ability to set a timeout warning dialog for users before session restarts due to inactivity.

Command line install options (unattended/scripted install)

Scripted installation feature added to allow for simplified & unattended installation.

Option to use popups instead of tabs

By default, KioWare automatically determines if a new URL should be opened via new tab or pop up (based on size). KioWare can be set to open new URLs all in new tabs or (new feature) all in new pop up windows.

Support for remote .kwconfig (settings file) in addition to .kwpkg (package file)

Allows users to import both settings files and package files to KioWare for Windows (previously only package files were supported).

Bug Fixes

Other bug fixes and improvements to code, configuration settings, & user interface.

8.1 Aug-2015 Customizable HTML Keyboard

In addition to the standard Windows Keyboard (with basic customization options), KioWare now also offers the option for a fully customizable HTML keyboard.

Shell Mode & Auto Logon Integrated Set up

KioWare now fully integrates configuration and set up of shell mode & auto logon.

Chrome Flags Support

Chrome flags provide users with options for experimental Chrome features/improvements. Now supported.

Improved Exiting Options for Virtual Keyboard

The virtual keyboard is now available when exiting KioWare.

Support & Protect HTML PushState/ReplaceState Functions

Options are now available to make all Ajax requests go through the Access Control List or disable those functions completely. Particularly impacts YouTube & similar sites and functions.

Bug Fixes

Other bug fixes and improvements to code, configuration settings, & user interface.

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