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SonicGuard Sensor - Keyboard
Device Type
Device API
Keyboard Wedge
Device Category
Motion Sensor
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Supported by
KioWare for Windows (Basic or Full) Version added: 8.3.0 View product
KioWare for Android (Basic or Full) Version added: 3.7.0 View product
KioWare Classic for Windows (Basic or Full) Version added: 5.0.2 View product
Device Notes
Larco Mat configuration utility must be downloaded from Larco's website. The following key sequences will then need to be configured:
In Larco's SonicGuard application, set:

Walk-Away: LShft+RShft+LCTL+RCTL+F12
Walk-To: LShft+RShft+LCTL+RCTL+F11

In other words, both right and left shift keys, both right and left control keys, and F11/F12.