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New KioWare Version 6.8 Released

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Versions 6.8 KioWare Lite and KioWare Kiosk Basic kiosk software have been released. KioWare Server Version 4.7.1 has also been released.

KioWare Lite 6.8 features include:

Improved Licensing

Our newly improved licensing significantly reduces licensing issues caused by wireless LANs and virtual network adapters.

Shorter License Banner

The license banner that appears during startup has been shortened to 10 seconds.

KioWare Shell Setup

An existing feature within KioWare is that our software can replace the default Explorer OS Shell. By doing so, your application will boot and run much faster, and your computer will be much more secure because the standard Windows desktop can never be displayed to the user. We have changed configuration settings to make this option easier to select, as KioWare is not secure on PCs running Win 7 unless you have configured this feature.

Additional KioWare Kiosk Basic 6.8 features include:

New Device Support Input Devices:

  • SCM Micro SDI-011 Smart Card Reader

Output Devices:

  • Boca Lemur RFID Printer
  • Hengstler CP-56 Printer
  • Generic Raw Windows Printer
  • Futurelogic Eclipse Printer
  • Zebra Technologies Printer

Generic Monitored Device Support

Automatic monitoring support has been added to any KioWare input/output device that supports monitoring.

Configurable SIP Audio Codecs

Within the Configuration Tool, you are now able to specify individual SIP audio codecs.

Corrupt Usage Stats Data Fixed

A bug in Windows that caused an occasional corruption in usage stats has been fixed.

Additional KioWare Server 4.7.1 feature includes:

Kiosk Usage Overview Report

A new report that shows a list of all kiosks with their session and page count for a specified date range.


To download the latest 500 hour free trials of each visit our download page. Or, if you are an existing user that has renewed support, visit our upgrades page to log in and download.