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New Features in KioWare for Android 3.2.0

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Android Tablet Kiosk

Turn your Tablet into a Kiosk with KioWare for Android Version 3.2.0

Analytical Design Solutions Inc. (ADSI) has released Version 3.2.0 of KioWare for Android for the following models: Lite, Basic and Full with Server.  These products act as a kiosk mode, locking down the Operating System and Home Screen/Launcher of your Android Devices.  Whether restricting browser access or restricting access to particular applications, KioWare for Android protects your device and your user from unauthorized or unintended usage.

KioWare for Android Kiosk Software, New Features

The latest release of KioWare for Android provides the ability to port content using Google’s Chromecast.  This feature allows for simple configuration of digital signage with an inexpensive Google Chromecast and your Android tablet.  KioWare for Android Version 3.2.0 also provides a new feature allowing for simple PDF display.  Your device can now be configured to allow users to view PDFs and other files that are saved locally.   

Usability improvements include new “home button” and “back button” options for navigating to or from the start page URL.  Samsung users will find that KioWare for Android now exits seamlessly, an improvement upon previous versions.  

Developers will find that KioWare for Android Version 3.2.0 now offers an XML file setting that embeds media and allows for simple XML configuration across multiple devices.

New Tablet Kiosk Features with KioWare for Android Version 3.2.0

KioWare Lite for Android new features include:

  • Ability to Embed Resources in XML and store entire files, icons, etc into the XML file.  This feature allows for easy movement of settings and files across multiple devices.
  • Local file "download" which allows users to view local PDFs.
  • Home Button and Back button used to navigate to start page URL or navigate back.
  • French language setting (Config tool now available in English, German, and French).
  • Ability to customize default error page.
  • Samsung exiting improved.
  • Improved downloading using Webview's session
  • Allow custom schemes to open applications for seamless interaction with “fb:” or “tel:” etc.
  • Option to allow top notification bar to show so that the screen resizes when the keyboard is displayed. (Allows you to avoid full screen mode when desired).
  • Developer usability improvement to configuration tool, allowing tool to stay open to last used tab.

KioWare Kiosk Basic & Full with Server for Android new features include all of the aforementioned KioWare Lite for Android features, as well as:

  • Chromecast integration supported.
  • New JavaScript 'transceive' function for NFC tags.
  • Quality and size of camera images sent to Javascript can be customized.  Compatible with Android tablets, KioWare is also available for Windows devices.

All of these products are available as a free 500-hour demo or via Google Play.   Existing clients have the ability to upgrade

KioWare has been providing OS, desktop, and browser lockdown security for the kiosk and self-service industry since 2001.

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