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Top 5 Reasons to Use a Purposed Device

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Why do you need to provide your users and employees with a purposed device?  If you don't know what a purposed device is, you'll first want to read about creating purposed devices with KioWare.

Here are the Top 5 benefits of purposed devices.



Purposed Device in Hospital Setting1.  Productivity

Employees and other users are restricted to productive functions that have been "allowed", providing them with no ability to diverge from their work functions for spurious activities that do not contribute to their job function.  This means that users are unable to access social media accounts, check personal email, play games, search the web, or perform any number of unproductive activities that would impede their work.

2. Data Security  

Data can be protected from download or transfer to external devices, emailed etc.  With the sensitive data your employees or users may need to access comes the responsibility to protect that data from transfer or copying.  Users can be restricted from downloading data that they access, making it difficult for them to transfer data from their tablet to external devices or email them offsite.  

3. Device Corruption  

Viruses, corruption, malware, or other data harvesting threats are eliminated. By restricting access to unapproved websites and limiting the function of external devices, purposed devices eliminate social phishing that can damage your device.  Not only is social phishing protection with KioWare a way to restrict users from inadvertently providing access to phishing sites by restricting website access, but it also locks down your user from installing viruses via external devices like usb drives or other connections to unauthorized devices and data.  This protect your device from both inadvertent and malicious intent.

4.  Sales Derailment

When your device is being used to promote sales, your purposed device can be restricted to limit users from price checking, visiting competitor sites, or search for reviews that are not company approved/sanctioned.  While users can obtain the information on their own, the lock down of a purposed device means that your own device is not being used against you.  This is extremely important when in a sales function as you work toward closing the deal, as outside information can draw this process out unnecessarily.  

5.  Theft deterrent 

When users of a purposed device realize that their tablet is restricted in functionality, it may be less appealing for them to abscond with it as it requires a higher level of knowledge than most users have at their disposal to reset the hardware and make the tablet accessible for non-approved usage.  

What other benefits have you found with purposed devices?  How are you using purposed devices?  Email [email protected] for more information about creating a purposed device or to share your experience.