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KioWare OS Coming Soon!

Thursday, November 14, 2019

YORK, PA – KioWare Kiosk System Software is releasing a new product for use in the near future.

KioWare OS for Android on the ASUS Tinker Board was first announced at the 2019 Kiosk Summit in London, England and will soon be available for purchase by organizations seeking kiosk software that require low-level operating system access.

KioWare OS was created to avoid the problems that occur when organizations use less-than-ideal consumer tablets to meet their self-service kiosk needs. The hardware and software included with these devices are not designed for 24/7 utilization and, as a result, require constant replacement of hardware components. KioWare OS offers a more reliable Android-driven single board computer kiosk solution at a lower cost with more design flexibility, as well as an overall easier and cheaper level of operation and maintenance.

More details about KioWare OS for Android on the ASUS Tinker Board will be revealed closer to the official launch date, which is to be determined.. To find more information about KioWare and other products by KioWare, go to

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