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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

card dispenserThe Devices section of the KioWare website is new and improved!  

Search by Manufacturer, device type, KioWare product, and more.

KioWare Basic and KioWare Full work with a variety of devices including: barcode readers, card dispensers, cash acceptors, cash dispensers, check readers, EMV Chip and Pin devices, document scanners, magstrip readers, motion sensors, pressure mats, printers (receipt, wristband, etc), RFID readers, TV tuners, and webcams.  Try it for yourself.

Device screen shot

With this new filtered search, you have a variety of options when filtering your search.  Select your preferred manufacturer, then view by category, or select the KioWare product (Android, Windows, or Classic Windows) and then choose manufacturer or product type. 

If you have a particular model in mind, use the manual search.  There are a number of device API's being supported as well.  If you search and do not find the device you are looking for, there are a few options.

1.  KioWare may support the device but not have it listed, as it is part of a larger family of products which are all supported (through the product line or an API).

2.  The product may be supported but not tested.  

3. The team may be able to easily add support for the product.  Device are added based on customer demand.supported kiosk devices list

If you are a device manufacturer, check out our supported devices section and let us know what you think.  We're happy to add device notes to assist users with their search! 



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