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KioWare Server 5.0: An Introduction | Session 1

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

KioWare Server 5.0 is coming in 2021! As we prepare to roll out this new and improved version of our kiosk management software, we want to introduce you to some of the new and updated features of KioWare Server 5.0!

This video is session one in a series of sessions demonstrating the new and improved power of KioWare Server. In this session KioWare President Jim Kruper shows you three of the updates to the high-level user interface.

The first update coming to KioWare Server 5.0 is providing the user more useful information upon first logging in to the dashboard. Some of the information that is now immediately accessible to a user includes the device statuses for your network of kiosks, a kiosk error alert banner, device uptime for your network of kiosks, device and page utilization data, and more. While this information was previously accessible in the original version of KioWare Server, it is made immediately available to the user upon logging into KioWare Server 5.0.

 KioWare Server 5.0 has also been optimized to reduce user mouse-clicks and make data more easily accessible when drilling into more specific sections of your kiosk network. A search bar at the top of the dashboard allows users to search for specific kiosks, groups, reports, journal entries, and more by simply typing a keyword or phrase. KioWare Server will then generate results relevant and related to those keywords or phrases, reducing the potential for multiple mouse-clicks by a user to navigate through KioWare Server to find specific pieces of data.

Finally, KioWare Server’s original architecture is around 15 years old and the user interface is nearly 10 years old. This means that the original architecture and interface was designed to be run on a desktop or laptop computer. Mobile optimization has been implemented to allow users to access KioWare Server 5.0 from a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet with the same functionality as if they were to access it from a traditional computer.

KioWare Server 5.0 is coming soon and we want to share its kiosk management power with you! Please e-mail us at if you would like to learn more about KioWare Server 5.0 and how you can sign up to beta-test this powerful new product! You may also visit us at to learn more about the KioWare Family of Products!



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