KioWare Lite Version 6.5.0 released

Wednesday, December 27, 2017



Protocol Access List – This feature allows you to enable or disable specified protocols. For example, many kiosk applications require only the https:// and https:// protocol. You can now enable only these, blocking all other protocols and potential entry points to applications that do not use the https:// and https:// protocols. An example of protocol that is not necessary to the kiosk application and that you may want to block would be MMS://, Windows Media Player.

Time Limited Sessions - This feature forces the session to end after a specified time.

ClickOnce Security Configuration – ClickOnce is a Microsoft technology that allows execution of .Net programs from the browser. ClickOnce can pose a security threat by allowing users to install any Office solution that is not signed with an explicitly trusted certificate. KioWare now has a feature that disables this; the recommended minimum settings are to disable "Internet" and "Untrusted Sites".

Internet Explorer 8.0 support – IE 8 has been tested and confirmed as a supported browser with KioWare products Version 6.5.0.

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